Bernadien Robben is Arjen Robben’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 6, 2010

Bernadien Robben is none other than the beautiful wife of Netherlands’ Arjen Robben. Have you met her? Keep reading to know from her biography all the details you need to know about her and don’t forget to check out Bernadien Robben’s photo and videos below.

Bernadien Robben

Bernadien Robben’s hubby is one of Netherland’s and Bayern Munich best and most valuable soccer player, for her he is the best, most handsome loving husband, father in the world, now let’s find out who Bernadien Robben is.

Bernadien Eillert met her hubby while she was still in high school, they started dating almost immediately (2000), what started  like a teenage crush, blossomed into a beautiful relationship that lasted seven years.

On 2006 Bernadien and her soccer beau announced they were engaged and plan to get married soon some time in September, 2007 after the end of the season at that time he was playing with Chelsea, but didn’t give any more announcements on the exact date or the location.

They young couple took their wedding a couple of months ahead of what they planned before and on July 9th, 2007 the beautiful Bernadien wore her spectacular wedding dress, and she looked breathtaking.

They got married at he northern city of Stadsschouwburg in Groningen in front of the City’s mayor Wallace and over 150 guests among those were their families, friends and important celebrities like Peter Crouch. Outside the building hundreds of fans and photographers were waiting for the newlyweds who greeted them happily while pictures of them were taken and then released white doves.

Bernadien Robben gave birth to the couple’s first son Luka in 2008 and just this year they welcomed baby girl Lynn. The news about Bernadien’s second pregnancy was announced by her father in law Hans Robben. Bernadien left the kids at home while she joined her hubby on the Bayern Munich celebration in Berlin.

What are your thoughts about Bernadien Robben? Is she just picture perfect? Do you know any more details about her? Take a look at some beautiful photos and her Video below.

Bernadien EillertBernadien Eillert photoBernadien Eillert RobbenBernadien Robben photoBernadien Robben pic

Bernadien Robben Video.

Photos: Mantel, Jambala/dimage

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