Lisa Muller: Thomas Muller’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 5, 2010

Meet the beautiful and charismatic Lisa Muller and you guessed right, she is Germany’s Thomas Muller’s wife. Let’s find out more interesting details about Lisa and her fabulous life plus don’t miss her photo and videos below.

Thomas Muller

Lisa’s famous husband is one of the biggest names in Bayern, Munich he also has achieved recognition during the World Cup in South Africa, but as many know who he is and what an awesome soccer player he is, don’t you wonder about his personal life? And I am talking about his romantic life? Who is the lady in this German’s heart? I did, so we searched information about his lovely wife Lisa.

There is so little info about this beautiful German WAG, and what we can see about this young couple is they really seem so deeply in love and she must be a remarkable young woman, but here is what we found out about her.

Lisa Trede Muller was born in Germany in 1989, like her hubby she is 21 years old and a model, she started dating her soccer stud in 2008. The chemistry between them was impressive and now it is even better, but when two eighteen year old teenagers commit to each other in the way Lisa and her boyfriend did, things get really serious and sometimes family and friends get worried, but for them all of it was really overwhelming.

After almost two years dating and on Christmas Eve, there was no doubt for him that she was the love of his life, the woman with whom he was going to spend the rest of his life with and the same feelings were on Lisa’s heart when she said yes!

Marriage proposals are always so romantic no matter how they go, and this one was no exception, it was on December 24, 2008 in front on her parents’ house when this handsome guy popped the question, it was a wonderful experience although the feeling as I told you before it was not the same.

Their friends were happy, surprised and a bit concerned when they heard about their engagement since they were so young, both were just twenty years old, but there was no going back, they were in love and they felt so right about their next step together.

And so it was in December 2009 almost a year after their engagement they got married, Lisa became Mrs. Muller and the youngest German WAG of all. Lisa and her hubby looked amazing together, I really love this couple and she is so gorgeous, maybe you remember seeing her picture dressed in German traditional clothes for the Oktoberfest celebration, have you seen that one?

Lisa Muller shares her hubby’s passion for horses, they actually have two, but she also shares his joy when it comes to his career as she looked just as happy as he was when his team won Werder Bremen holding the DFB Cup, and she was on her feet cheering for him in South Africa.

Lisa Muller still is pretty young and just got married so children are not in her future plans at least not yet. What do you think about her? Do you know more details about this beautiful young German WAG? Check out Lisa Muller’s photos and video below.

Soccer WAGS Video

Photo: HĂĽsing

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