Most Embarrassing Americans: Heidi & Spencer!

July 5, 2010

To celebrate the 4th of July, The Insider and PopEater did a poll to find the Most Loved & Most Embarrassing Americans. Heidi & Spencer easily won the latter title, and Sandra Bullock took ‘Most Loved.’ Continue for all the details, with more photos and video!

Heidi Montag  1  1

Citizens of the United States want to be proud of our fellow neighbors, and we got the chance to let our opinions known, while celebrating our country’s independence. The poll did have somewhat of a trend to it. The winners seemed to be powerful and influential women and the losers mainly were people who ruined their marriages.

Sandra Bullock had an Oscar winning year and a tough divorce with Jesse James. She was overwhelmingly chosen as our favorite with 63% of about 81,000 votes. Second place was granted to TV superstar Oprah, but she only received 24% of the votes.

It wasn’t as slanted in the contest for most embarrassing Americans. Heidi & Spencer did manage, though, to get 37% of about 83,000 votes for a forceful victory. They did have some good competition with scandalous Tiger Woods in second with 33% and good ole’ Jon Gosselin in 3rd, with 15%.

The soon to be exes, Montag & Pratt, have always been dramatic with their reality TV show and the rumors that surface about them all the time. Apparently that is partly what is driving the 23 year old female away. The country is apparently humiliated by both of them as well and the last thing we want is for people to think of them when they think of the USA!

Did you get a chance to vote for the Most Loved or Most Embarrassing Americans? Heidi & Spencer deserve the title, in my opinion, but tell me what you think below. Also enjoy these great photos and video!

Heidi Montag  2  1Heidi Montag  3  1Heidi Montag  4  1Spencer Pratt  1 Spencer Pratt  2 Spencer Pratt  3

Photos: Connor, Judy Eddy, Michael Carpenter

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One Response to “Most Embarrassing Americans: Heidi & Spencer!”

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    robert miller Says:

    All Americans are gross and embarrassing especially the women who belch and fart in Restaurents.