Claudia Schattenberg: Philipp Lahm’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

July 3, 2010

The Beautiful Blonde and sexy Claudia Schattenberg is none other than Germany’s captain Philipp Lahm’s girlfriend, Have you met her? Would you like to know more about this impressive gal? Then follow us on this story to know more about Claudia and check out her photos and video below.

Claudia Schattenberg

Claudia Schattenberg was born in Germany and she is 26 years old, she knows her famous boyfriend since both were just teenagers, sixteen years old actually, they met through mutual friends.

They remained friends through all these years, but life brought these long time friends together two years ago when they started dating.

Claudia has been part of most of his life but now that she is his girlfriend she shared with him all the specials moments of his career like when his team Bayern Munich won the championships against Werder Bremen. Like other German WAGS she joined her soccer stud at the celebration in Berlin, perhaps you have seen their picture posing with the DFG Cup Trophy and what about the pretty picture for Oktoberfest, both looked great!!

Claudia finished her studies in Mercedes just recently and she now works there in the commercial sector, this is something Claudia is very happy about.

Just before the World Cup in South Africa started, Claudia Schattenberg became engaged to the fabulous soccer player, due to the time they planned to get married after the World Cup ended, they actually set July 14 as their special day and  Bavaria, Germany the location of their nuptials. We sure are going to be on the watch for their wedding. Many female fans’ hearts were broken when they heard the news, but they were happy as it is obvious what a great girl Claudia is and how much she loves her beau.

Claudia and her boyfriend are rumored to be vacationing for two week on the Maldives where they relax and enjoy their love.

What do you think of Philipp’s Lahm’s Girlfriend? Do you think she is Beautiful? I really do think she is stunning and they sure make a lovely couple. Check out Claudia Schattenberg’s photos and videos below.

Claudia Schattenberg photoClaudia Schattenberg picClaudia Schattenberg picture

Claudia Schattenberg Pictures

Claudia Schattenberg Video

Photos: Bernd Feil.

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