Germany vs. Argentina: Highlights, Results, Players (Photos, Video)

July 3, 2010

One of the best matches at this 2010 World Cup in South Africa has finally arrived – Germany will try to tame the unbeaten Argentina. Find out all the highlights from this game, final results, players and so much more plus don’t forget to check out the photos and video of the game below.

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Argentina will try to dance tango with the Germans, but these tough guys were not easy to approach and they will try to take the undefeated title once and for all, would they be able to do it?

Argentina, the seventh best team in the world are no strangers to the World Cup, the have participated 14 times and twice they have been champions (1978, 1986). In South Africa the Albiceleste (white & blue) have beaten every team they have played with Nigeria (1-0), Greece (2-0), South Korea(4-1) and Mexico(3-1).

And Germany on the other hand are the 6th best team in the world according to FIFA they too are no strangers to the Cup having participated in 17 cups. Of those 17, three times they have been champions (1954, 1975, 1990). At this Cup they won three matches with Australia (4-0), Ghana (1-0) and England (4-1). They lost to Serbia (0-1).

And here are the highlights of this exciting match, Germany started attacking from the beginning, their height is their weapon against Argentina so is their speed and Argentinians were not expecting what was just coming.

When Otamendi gave the Germans the opportunity for a free kick that Podolski took, waiting for the Jabuloani it was Mueller who put the ball with his head and into Romero’s net scoring his first goal of this game at the 3rd minute and the fourth goal of five games.

Argentina was facing a reality they haven been into before, losing for the minimum and they couldn’t recover it was like watching another team playing and not the Argentina we have been seeing.

But things got better in the second half, no changes in both squads but the game got so much more exciting as Argentina got their level back, and now the Germans had some opponents worth their expectations, but also so much dangerous as they got near to score several times.

The Germans kept calm and knew where to attack, Argentina’s defense gave them the opportunity to score their second goal when Podolski passed it to Klose at the 68th minute. Now Germans knew the defensive mistakes they were making add to that Diego Maradona didn’t make any changes that would help them, Milito was there, Palermo, Veron so many good players that could change the score, but instead he sent Pastore and Aguero, they were not good for Argentina.

Friedrich scored Germany’s third goal on the  74th minute and Argentina was saying goodbye to South Africa. But the Germans were not finished and on the 89th minute Miroslav Klose scored their fourth goal. Bastian Schweinsteiger did a wonderful job due to his performance he was named Man of the Match.

One minute was added in the injury time but there was nothing to do for Argentina, they were eliminated, and the world began to wonder if Diego Maradona will leave the National team just like  Brazil’s Dunga did.

Here are the players at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Point, South Africa.

Argentina Germany
22 Romero 1 Neuer
2 Demichelis 3 Friedrich
4 Burdisso 6 Khedira
6 Heinze 7 Schweinsteiger
7 Di Maria 8 Ozil
9 Higuain 10 Podolski
10 Messi 11 Klose
11 Tevez 13 Mueller
14 Mascherano 16 Lahm
15 Otamendi 17 Mertesacker
20 Maxi Rodriguez 20 Boateng
Coach: Diego Maradona Coach: Joachim Loew

What are your thoughts about this game? Do you think Diego Maradona should quit? What were your expectations from both teams? Congratulations to Germany for a great game beautifully well done!!

Check out these photos and Video below.

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World Cup Pictures

World Cup Video

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    ZFloydT Says:

    Germany is looking good. I wish the country would let Nao Takahara (soccer player from Japan) return there. I’m sure he’ll be much more happier living in Germany than Japan. Drinking Beck beer and German girls! What more can you asked? Go Germany go!!!!!!!!