Joseph Jens Price: Tonya Harding’s Husband

July 3, 2010

Meet Joseph Jens Price. He is former Olympian skater Tonya Harding’s husband. This would be the second hubby for the controversial sports phenom. Sorry, but you have my sympathies. Find out more revealing details of her new beau and see pictures and a video right here!

Tonya Harding Husband

It’s another husband for Miss Tonya Harding, the woman who somehow talked her first husband into attacking her rival and fellow Olympian Nancy Kerrigan back in January of 1994. For bad or for worse for Joseph Jens Price? Apparently so. Be sure to check out photos and videos below!

As a biography, not much is known about this mysterious man, let alone their nuptials. What we do know is that Joseph Jens Price is 42 years old and the couple reside in Yacolt, Washington.

According to reports, a deputy auditor, Karen Updike, from the Clark County Auditor’s records office in Vancouver, Washington says that Tonya Harding’s husband is a “real nice, blue collar-type guy”. Apparently, the couple have already married. Updike issued a marriage license for the newlyweds on June 23rd, 2010.

Harding showed up to the Public Service Center a little late, just before her new hubby arrived. The former Olympian “kept saying she was sorry she was late.” Updike said that Harding was “very appreciative” and that the newly married couple “seemed very happy together”.

Also, a news source reported that Paster Lloyd Ward of the Community Church of God officiated the wedding and reportedly did not return a phone call regarding his services.

Harding is most-known as the skating champion in 1991 and a two-time Olympian participant. She is forever banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association because of her participation with her first husband, Jeff Gillooly, in their 1994 plan of attack against Olympian skater Nancy Kerrigan. For more on the incident, click here.

Best of luck to the new couple. Especially, Joseph Jens Price, Tonya Harding’s husband. I wish you a lifetime of happiness if at all possible. See more photos and a video of Tonya Harding below. Please leave us your thoughts about their happily-ever-after in the comment box.

Tonya Harding Husband Picture 1
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3 Responses to “Joseph Jens Price: Tonya Harding’s Husband”

  1. 1
    Disgusted with Ignorance Says:

    Sandy, whoever you are, you are both a poor writer as well as an ignorant one.

    “This would be the second hubby for the controversial sports phenom,” is the third sentence of your poorly written article. You are wrong. This is Harding’s third marriage. She was married to Jeff Gillooly first, then had a brief marriage a few years later to another man (it only lasted some months), and has now married again in 2010, making this her third marriage.

    Why are you so ignorant? DON’T write about things if you are going to write inaccurately.


  2. 2

    Your information is wrong. There has never been any evidence that Tanya knew about or participated in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. It was planned by her then-husband Jeff Gillooly, who conspired with Shawn Eckhardt and Shane Stant to get Nancy out of an upcoming competition. Stant was the actual attacker. Tanya’s crime was in attempting to cover it up after the fact. She pleaded guilty to that and paid a heavy price. With her severely damaged reputation, she was persona non grata at almost all skating competitions and events, even though she was allowed to compete.

  3. 3
    Jackie Perkins Says:

    If you folks would leave her alone, it could end up ok.