Rare Elvis Photos Found in Time For Exhibit

July 3, 2010

This year marks what would have been the King’s 75th birthday, and there will be many celebrations. Now, rare Elvis photos, found in his dad’s files, will be included in the tributes. Continue reading for more details and some photos and video as a bonus!

Elvis  5

The pictures they found are black and white from 1957 when he was greeting fans at the gates in Graceland. August will be a big month for honoring the late singer, and finding them now allows organizers to display them.

It was amongst Vernon Presley’s (his father) immense business files that the rare Elvis photos’ negatives were found by archivists. The snapshots were in an unmarked envelope and no one seems to know why. There are 3 that have never been seen before, and a fourth that had been released on a very limited basis.

Once they scanned them they were able to tell they date back to ‘57 and that he would have been 22 years old. He is seen in his classic do and jacket and long pants. Fans are all over the gate, reaching through for an autograph, and he is even singing in one shot.

Those in charge of the “Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration” film and Elvis Week in August are thrilled that these priceless gems have been uncovered and can enhance the celebration.

“It’s really quite amazing that they weren’t in our database already and we had never seen them before.”

You can check out one of the newest historical artifacts, with more information over at Post Chronicle. The pics really are nice and it’s cool that they came out now as it makes the anniversary that much more special. What do you think of the new, rare Elvis photos found? Do you think they were being hidden? Be sure to tell me your thoughts about that and the King below, after you check out these photos and video of what else he was up to in 1957.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ITN, Robert Wallace, Sarah Mayes

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