Ron Artest – Basketball, Music and Psychology

July 2, 2010

Ron Artest is known for his untamed antics both on and off the basketball court. Fights on the court and legal troubles off have given this baller a serious reputation as a bad boy. After ten years in the NBA, Artest finally won a championship this year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Keep reading to find out more about this reformed wild child and the lady he owes it all to – his psychologist.

After hitting a last minute 3-pointer to clinch the win for L.A. over the Boston Celtics, Artest proved he was a great player. After giving a shout-out to his psychologist post-game, Artest proved he was an eccentric one too. “She was the one who helped me get through tough times,” he said to VIBE magazine. He credits her as the “one who helped me focus on accomplishing what I wanted which was winning a ring. She taught me how to tune everything out because I lost confidence in myself over the last couple years. And she was the one who put that confidence back in me.” She sounds like a pretty special lady to be able to instill confidence in a championship winning athlete!

Artest defended his behavior in the same VIBE interview, insisting he doesn’t see his psychologist for any other reason than to win a championship. But now that he’s won his ring, what’s he going to do? “Winning an NBA championship is something that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a little kid because I was always playing basketball. But I think with my music career after I get one hit it’s going to snowball and I’m going to keep it going with the hits. The hardest part is taking off,” he says.

So be on the lookout for Rapper Ron, who’s trying to get the likes of Dr. Dre, T-Pain and 50 Cent to collaborate. Who knows, maybe he’ll get a Grammy to go with his ring? With Shaquille O’Neal as his predecessor, it might just happen.

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