Uruguay vs. Ghana: Highlights, Results (Photo, Video)

July 2, 2010

South Africa welcomed their only rep at this World Cup, but South America supports Uruguay who has Suarez and Forlan. The winner will face Netherlands. Who won? What were some of the best moments during this match? What players were playing today? Keep reading plus don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

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Ghana was making their presence for the second time at the World Cup. Their first time was at the 2006 World Cup in Germany where they also were the only African country to advance to round 2, today their squad is just as powerful as Uruguay – Gyan, Boateng, Muntari to name a few.

On the other hand we have Uruguay, the first team to win at the World Cup in 1930 again in 1950. They have participated in 11 World Cups and are considered among the best soccer teams in the world currently ranking in 16th place, they also have a powerful squad – Forlan and the young Luis Suarez are fearless.

And today both teams proved how great they are, Ghana opened the score in the injury time at the first half exactly on the 45+2 minutes by the foot of Muntari with a beautiful goal that got into Muslera’s net.

During the first half Fucile (Uru) got a yellow card who also suffered a terrible fall, thank God he was safe and sound after a few minutes. The second half started and when it was Uruguay’s turn to throw a free kick it was Diego Forlan who took the shot, a clean an awesome kick that passed Kingson guard and directly into the net putting the score board 1-1.

Both teams were looking for their winning goal, but as the minutes passed nothing happened and halftime was on the way. The first 15 extra minutes started and ended goalless with a few dangerous plays from both teams. In the second 15 minutes the match seemed to remain just like the first 15, but the fans got out of their seats in the 114th minute where Gyan made a dangerous kick that the goalkeeper blocked but let the ball free and it seemed to go inside but then a Uruguayan player kicked it out. Now the players were showing signs of fatigue and desperation. Ghana was giving Uruguay a problem especially at the 120th minute when series of corner kicks were way too dangerous for them, so dangerous that Luis Suarez had to stop a ball from getting in unfortunately he stopped it with his hand and that meant two things, red card for him and penalty shot.

Gyan was the man who took the shot while Suarez was leaving the field in tears, tears that turned to joy when Gyan missed the penalty shot, but now the penalty shot was about to start. Now the whole weight of their destiny relies on the goalkeepers.

The players who were in charge to kick the penalty shot were in line, first was Uruguay and Diego Forlan threw the first and scored the first, Gyan was after and scored their first for Ghana, Uruguay send Victorino  who slowed down at first and finally scored, Appiah scored for Ghana and then it was Scottie who scored for Uruguay. Ghana felt the pressure, it was Mensah’s turn and Muslera stopped  the shot, he kicked it too slow the score was 3-2.

Pereira threw the ball to the sky and Ghana was breathing again and they sent Adiyiah whose kick was easily blocked by Muslera, and Abreu was getting ready and he scored!!! Uruguay won the game they are going to semi finals against Netherlands.

Amazing match! Great teams! Well done for Uruguay and Ghana was an awesome opponent, they leave in tears but with pride they did a wonderful job!!

These are the players who took the field at the Soccer City Stadium  in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Uruguay Ghana
1 Muslera 22 Kingson
2 Lugano 2 Sarpei
4 Fucile 3 Gyan
6 Victorino 4 Pantsil
7 Cavani 5 Mensah
9 Suarez 6 Annah
10 Forlan 7 Inkoom
15 Perez 11 Muntari
16 Madeira 15 Vorsah
17 Rios 21 Asamoah
20 Fernandez 23 Prince
Coach: Oscar Tavarez Coach: Milovan Rajevac.

What do you think about this exciting game? What team in your opinion deserved to win? Leave us your comments and check out the photos and video below.

Uruguay World Cup 1Ghana World Cup 1Ghana 2010 World Cup

World Cup Pictures.

Uruguay vs. Ghana Goals Video

Uruguay vs. Ghana Penalty Shots Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/News Pictures

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