Vivian Guglielmetti Junits: Robinho’s Wife (Photos, Video)

July 1, 2010

Brazilian Soccer player Robinho is one of the best players in the world, but he is also the beloved husband of Vivian Guglielmetti Junits. Have you met her? Keep reading to know more details about Vivian plus check out the photos and video below.

Vivian Guglielmetti Junits

I have to admit that Brazil is one of the most interesting countries I can think of, but why is it so interesting? The food? The culture? The language? The Models? Well actually all of the above, but mostly their fabulous soccer players, which brings us to think of the great time Brazil is giving us at the World Cup.

And when it comes to soccer I can think of many players, but then I thought about the dangerous, fast and great player who is married to Vivian Guglielmetti Junits and then we wonder who is this lady?

Vivian was born in Brazil amazingly she has been dating her soccer stud for the past eleven years. During the time together Vivian gave birth to their first child, a gorgeous baby boy they named Robson Jr. Souza who was born in December 2007. Since she keeps her private life very private we didn’t know at first she actually had a baby, but when her hubby celebrated his goal sucking his thumb, rocking his arm there was no more doubts about Vivian becoming a proud mother.

And if you are wondering if she finally walked down the aisle after eleven years of dating? The answer is yes you bet she did, on July 9, 2009 in Guarujá, Sao Paulo in their beloved  Brazil.

Vivian is not as famous as other Brazilian Soccer wags, many ridiculous comments said that is due to her weight, but I think she is absolutely gorgeous and if she is not as famous it is because she has managed to keep it low and be able to have a normal life. Now tell me what do you think about Vivian Guglielmetti Junits? You can maybe get a glimpse of her in South Africa since her hubby sent for her and her son despite his coach ordering the banning of all WAGS or you can relax and check her photos and video right here.

Vivian Guglielmetti Junits 1Vivian Guglielmetti Junits photo

Vivian Guglielmetti Junits Pictures

Photos: Steve Searle

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