Lisa Kapler is Gabe Kapler’s Sexy Wife

February 21, 2008

Meet Lisa Kapler, the sexy wife of Milwaukee Brewers player Gabe Kapler. See photos and a biography of Lisa below.

As a biography, Lisa attended high school in southern California where she was a member of the drill team. Gabe also attended the same high school, and he was the star of the baseball team.

Prior to her relationship with Gabe, Lisa was the victim of a physical abusive relationship with her boyfriend. It started when she was in 9th grade and he was three years older. He was her first boyfriend. A couple months into their relationship, he bit her cheek until it bled. Lisa was confused and angry at what he did but felt sorry for him because his father was dying, so didn’t do anything about it. On another occasion, he had found a letter that Lisa had written to a friend in which she stated she was going to leave him, and this sent him into a rage. He grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the locker. It was a vicious cycle for Lisa. He would physically hurt her and each time she would take him back. It went on for three years. She was beginning to become explosive herself.

A restraining order was finally issued to the boy that required he stay away from Lisa. For her, even though she was no longer in an abusive relationship, it left deep emotional scars on her. Even during her relationship with Gabe, she picked fights with him and even hit him.

“He would tell me it was not OK to do that. He would get out of the car and leave. I was a disaster at the beginning of our relationship, and he had the courage to give me a chance,” said Lisa.

Gabe told Lisa that he would not marry her unless she went into therapy, which she did. Lisa came forward with her story of abuse in 2004. She wanted to help others who are the victims of abuse and founded The Gabe Kapler Foundation along with her husband.

Lisa, 30, and Gabe32, have two boys – Chase and Dane. They make their home in California. She certainly is a sexy baseball wife, isn’t she?

See more photos of Lisa Kapler below.

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