Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother (Photos, Video)

June 30, 2010

Most people when they do searches about the handsome Cristiano Ronaldo they search about his girlfriend at that time, but I began to wonder about the one lady who has always been by his side, his number one fan and the one who will never let him down. The wonderful lady is none other than his wonderful mother Mrs. Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro. Let’s meet her and don’t forget to check out Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro’s photos and video below.

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro
Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro Picture

I remember one day I was searching desperately for more details about this wonderful soccer player and then I stopped to think, most young women and men get to the point in their lives mostly because of their parents, so then what impact did Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro have on her son’s life? Who is she? How was it for her to raise four children? Surviving cancer?

Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro is 57 years old now, she was born in Portugal on December 31st, 1954 to Maria Angela Spinola and Jose Vivieros. It was in Portugal where she became a cook, José Dinis Aveiro’s wife (a gardener) and mother of Hugo, Catia who is a singer, Elma and Cristiano.

When Maria Dolores’s husband was 52 he died due to alcoholism and her older son had his own fight with drugs, but she never gave up on her children and keeps on fighting until this day, and she kept that same fight when she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, that time it was her beloved sons and daughters who gave their mother all the love, support and confidence she had always given them.

Maria Dolores got the lump on her breast removed, went into radiotherapy and keeps on taking anti cancer drugs, today she is now fully recovered thank God and she keeps on giving the best of her to her children and her grandchildren, but she keeps her eye on her younger one, and when the opportunity of playing for Real Madrid came she was the one who expressed her desire that her son play in Spain since she also said she wasn’t too much into English teams.

“I don’t like English teams but I know I have to like them because he [Ronaldo] is at Manchester. But for me… Real Madrid. Of all the foreign clubs, Real Madrid is the best. Before I die I would like him [Ronaldo] to play for Real Madrid. I would really like that and then I could die, it wouldn’t matter.”

Rumors always surface about her not liking her son’s girlfriend and even making her son break up with them have been heard once in a while, but I am pretty sure it is a bad rumor and that she like any mother just wants the best for all of her children and their future husbands and wives, you don’t want to mess with her when it comes to defend any of her sons or daughter she is a lioness.

For Maria Dolores life was not always easy, there was a time when she had to leave home and travel to France to get better paid and be able to feed her children. I have to say Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro is a woman, mother and friend to admire and follow her great love for life. You can see her at Madeira where she lives, or driving her fabulous car she got for her 53rd birthday. You can see Maria Dolores dos Santo Aveiro’s photos and video here.

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Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro Pictures

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3 Responses to “Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    pierre Says:

    when was she in france?

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    Hi Pierre:
    Dolores was just 20 twenty years old and she had two little kids already, she went to work in Paris where she stayed for three months.

  3. 3
    piere Says:

    it can’t be because hugo was born when she was 20 so it should be later some one told me she was there in 80s in paris ,could that be correct?