Snoop: Rent a Country for Music Video?

June 30, 2010

This is just crazy! For an upcoming & unknown song guess what was the plan for Snoop to rent? A country! Yes a whole nation! Read more about what was going on below, with more photos and a great video!

Snoop Dogg  3

Liechtenstein is very small and only has about 35,000 people living on about 61 square miles. It has some beautiful country, and the rapper sought this whole area because he wanted plenty of outdoor space. No one has tried this before, but the government was willing, had they had enough notice.

This story first surfaced in the Daily Mirror and a property agent, Karl Schwaerzler summed up the situation of Snoop & renting a country for us:

“We’ve had requests for palaces and villages but never one to hire the whole country before. It would have been possible.” However, according to the source, they “did not give enough time.”

He apparently wanted to be able to have access to the entire place as a film set. I am not sure what this new mystery video will be like, but it seems to be starting off with big ambitions!

He has had trouble in foreign countries before, and in fact was just banned from performing in the Netherlands a few weeks ago. However it seems the tiny nation squished between Switzerland & Austria has no problem with the star, they just needed more time. I wonder how much of a rush the performer is in, and if he couldn’t just give them more time to prepare?

Either way it gives us a good headline to read “Snoop: Rent a Country?” and something to smile about. What do you think of the Dogg’s plan for a set and what do you think this new song and video will be like? Let me know below after you check out these photos and a video of his last song.

Snoop Dogg  5 Snoop Dogg  6 Snoop Dogg  7 Snoop Dogg  2 Snoop Dogg  4 Snoop Dogg  1

Photos:, Adriana M. Barraza, Michael Carpenter, RK

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