Jennifer Capriati Overdose

June 27, 2010

American/ Italian Tennis player Jennifer Capriati was rushed to the hospital this morning, due to a possible drug overdose. Can this allegedly be related to depression or suicidal tendencies? Keep reading to know all about this news plus check out the photos and video below.

Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati was rushed to the hospital after a call from a hotel in Rivera Beach, Florida this morning. Sources have been speculating that the possible cause might be a drug overdose, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Her father, who has always been by her side, Stefano Capriati, said that Jennifer is recovering.

Now we wonder how did this amazing tennis athlete begin her alleged trouble with drugs? Jennifer got involved in tennis ever since she was just a little girl it was her dear father, former boxer Stefano Capriati who taught her how to play, when she was ten they moved from NY to Florida where she got into an intense practice with Jim Evert and three years after that she would become the youngest player to win the French Open. Just one year after that she became pro winning title after title, but she didn’t just savor victory, Jennifer also experienced disappointments.

After her loss at the 1993 US Open she decided to take a break she was just 17 years old. Just a few months after came the news she was arrested after shoplifting a cheap ring at a Mall in Tampa, 5 months later she had her first encounter with the law involving drugs after she was charged with possession of marijuana.

She made a comeback to Tennis in November 1994, two years later she was ranking #1 but once again misfortune came – losing matches and gaining injuries more often, soon more younger talents took her place and she began to wonder what was next for her after tennis. She allegedly became depressed and reportedly many times she wanted to take her own life.

"Sometimes you get to a point where you can’t stop what you are thinking. It’s like you’re being taken over by a demon. You just feel there’s no way out of this space you’re in. It feels like the end of the world. When you are just so exhausted and tired of feeling that way, you (think), ‘I want to be off this planet right now, because I just feel disgusting inside. I can’t even stand my own skin, and I just want to get out. The more you stuff it and don’t talk about it, the more it festers and eats you up inside," she says. "It helps to talk about it with other people who go through it. You can’t wear an iron shield all the time." Jennifer  Said.  "When I stopped playing, that’s when all this came crumbling down. If I don’t have [tennis], who am I? What am I? I was just alive because of this. I’ve had to ask, ‘Well, who is Jennifer? What if this is gone now?’ I can’t live off of this the rest of my life." She added.

So can this alleged overdose be related to her past? Are those demons haunting her once again? Only time can tell right now, but she was doing great the last time we saw her next next to David Charvet in The Superstars last year, what could possibly have gone wrong with Jennifer Capriati? What are your thoughts about this? Check out the photos and video below.

Jennifer capriati Drug possesionJennifer Capriati PhotoJennifer Capriati picture

Jennifer Capriati Pictures.

Jennifer Capriati Video

Photos: Marc Stamas, Schoewig, Colin White

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