Laura Capello: Fabio Capello’s Wife (Photos, Video)

June 26, 2010

Meet Laura Capello, she is the elegant and beautiful wife of England National team’s Coach Fabio Capello, Would you like to know more about Mrs. Capello? Then keep reading and don’t forget to check out Laura Capello’s photos and video below.

Laura Capello

Laura Ghisi Capello was born in Bologna and met her soon to be husband in the early sixties when she was just a teenage girl (actually she was 17) studying law in Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna in Italy. About 40 something years ago Laura was traveling on the #5 bus in Ferrara when she saw that handsome young and athletic man who was studying to be a surveyor and both totally fell for each other. Since that day they kept on traveling to class together each day.

They got married in June 41 years ago from now, Laura welcomed her first child Pierfilippo Capello 37 years ago and then three years later came her younger son Edoardo. Her older son is now his father’s adviser and lawyer and Ed an economics graduate manages their family company Sport 3000. Laura and her husband celebrated their 41st year anniversary while in South Africa where she traveled along her eldest son and where she planned to go on Safari and maybe see her husband, after all wives and girlfriends are out of World Cup by order of Coach Capello maybe that rule didn’t apply for his wife.

This wouldn’t stop Laura from showing her hubby her unconditional support and love even if she has to keep her distance as her sister Valeria Ghisi describes after all she has been by his side in good and bad times.

“Laura will always stand by Fabio — they have been married for years and were youngsters when they met and fell in love.”

Laura is a very reserved person, yet very strong and has never given an interview she likes to stay out of the public eye. Sometime ago a tabloid revealed some intimate pictures of the Capellos while vacationing together, the tabloid later had to take the pictures out and apologized since besides the picture they did some offensive comments.

Laura Capello might be for other describe just as a soccer WAG, but for her husband she is a lot more than that.

“She is my life, my mirror, and my greatest victory in my private life,’ Capello said of his wife. I have only been in love once in my entire life”.

They truly make a lovely couple and so in love, What do you think about Fabio Capello’s Wife? Check out Laura Capello’s photos and video below.

Laura Capello photoLaura Capello pictureLaura Ghisi Capello

Laura Capello Video


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