Jennifer Wilbanks: Facebook Proves New Love!

June 26, 2010

The real life “Runaway Bride” from 2005 has apparently found someone she may not want to escape from. According to Jennifer Wilbanks’ Facebook page, her heart has now been taken by “the fella.” Continue for more details below the photo, including a video.


“The Fella” is what she calls the 38 year old, Greg Hutson, and apparently the two have been together since early last year. He has been married and divorced twice, and amongst the love rumors are thoughts that she may try and make it down the aisle soon!

Whether they will marry or not, we’ll find out, as well as if she will make it to the ceremony this time! And if for some reason you aren’t familiar with the runaway story, I’ll give you a recap. Back in 2005 she disappeared the week of her wedding to Jason Mason. After searching, police got a call from her stating she had been kidnapped, but after questioning it was found she just ran away.

Her ex-fiance has gotten past it and married another woman in 2008. Now it is up to Jennifer Wilbanks’ Facebook friend Hutson to try and keep her heart. Apparently they write a lot of mushy notes to each other on the social networking site, and she recently wrote:

“Everybody needs someone to love … I’m so glad I have that someone!”

They also apparently have some cute photos together and talk about the dog they both have. I just can’t imagine how much press and such she will get if they do plan a wedding! Everyone will wonder if she can actually commit!

What do you think about Jennifer Wilbanks & Facebook boyfriend Greg Hutson? Will this one stick or is she just unable to take the plunge? Be sure to leave me your comments after you check out this video of her town’s reaction.

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