Anna Maria Lewe: Mesut Ozil’s Girlfriend or Ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

June 24, 2010

Have you met Germany’s Mesut Ozil’s stunning girlfriend? Her name is Anna Maria Lewe also known as Anna Maria Lagerblom, Ahhhhh!! I bet now you sort of know her, but if you don’t let’s check her out plus don’t miss Anna Maria Lewe’s photos and video below.

Anna Maria Lewe

Anna Maria Lewe Picture

The Beautiful Anna Maria Lewe was born in 1981 in Germany and her impressive good looks comes from her German, Scottish, American and Irish heritage, you see her father Michael Lewe is an American advertising writer while her mother Soraya Lewe Tacke has an exotic blend of Scotland, Germany and Ireland which is quite obvious that Soraya was a model, but when you are a mother of six, she put aside her fab life in the runway and turned into a fashionable mother.

Anna Maria is one of the youngest daughters of the Lewe household. Her older sister is the famous German singer Sarah Lewe or Sarah Connor if you prefer, her other sisters are Valentina, Marissa, Sophia Luisa (aka Lulu Lewe who is also a singer) and her only brother is Robin. Anna Maria also welcome her half maternal brother Lex and Mick two years ago. Anna Maria Lewe appeared from 2005 to 2008 on her sister’s reality shown Sarah & Marc in Love along with the rest of her family. She was also in the music video of Special D’s Here I Am (she portrays the character of Startergirl).

Anna Maria got married to the model/ dancer Pravit Anantapongse in February, 2002 her son Montry was born in June, 2002. It is uncertain when they split up but there were rumors that she was involved with Ludovic Magnin (Swiss soccer player for FC Zurich) and then we found out that she was in the arms of the Finnish Soccer player Pekka Lagerblom, they got married on January 24th, 2005.

Ann Maria divorced from her second husband in 2009, but she didn’t stay alone for long she soon began dating German/ Turkish soccer player Mesut Ozil.

Anna Maria took a break from her studies as a physiotherapist to join her Soccer stud at the World Cup in South Africa along with the other German player’s Wags who are staying at the Sheraton Pretoria were they have been safe but they have also bodyguards 24/7. Anna Maria turned to Islam since it is her boyfriend’s religion.

So tell me what do you think of Mesut Ozil’s sexy Girlfriend? She is 7 years older than him, but they look great. Take a look at Anna Maria Lewe’s photos and video below.

**Update** In February 2011 it was revealed that Anna and Mesut were no longer together the reason, according to her, was that she felt homesick and lonely.

“Yes, we have separated. The lifestyle was not for me, I didn’t like it, I am pleased to be single, I’m happy again.”

She was seen watching a fight between Ana Fabiola Arrazola and Susi Kentikian at Universum Box-Gym Hamburg, Germany with German rapper Bushido, while Ozil is allegedly dating Miss Venezuela 2002, do you know her?

Anna Maria Lewe picAnna Maria Lewe pictureAnna Maria Lewe photoAnna Maria Lewe 1 1Anna Maria Lewe 2Anna Maria Lewe 3

Anna Maria Lewe Pictures

Anna Maria Lewe Video


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66 Responses to “Anna Maria Lewe: Mesut Ozil’s Girlfriend or Ex-Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

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  1. 1
    neelum Says:

    no offence but mesut ozil can do alot better. This would be Anna-maria’s third husband which is a bit weird as mesut is a muslim and has not yet married before. Also the age gap is quiet big. Normally i would say that the guy has to be older but sh** happens sometimes. I personally think that mesut should consider things carefully as he could do alot lot better. sorry..xx
    And seeing as she has already divorced twice sha could easily do the same to ozil. soo soooo sorry mesut.

  2. 2
    ENEIRA Says:

    she is to old for him!!!! besides he is much hotter than her he can do better yhan that!!

  3. 3
    ieda klose Says:

    i think Ozil can get better. i’m glad, he made his girl convert, not him. i hope he think for his football career first. woman can come and go, and he still young. treasure what you have Ozil. i’ll pray for you. InsyaAllah.

  4. 4
    Vibee Says:

    Seriously, shes just not good enough for Ozil since i read on several articles that Anna-Maria is a gold-digger…..if she converted into muslim ust becoz to impress Ozil, thenthat would be a big mistake for Ozil…..

    Ozil can find much much better and hotter sugababe s in Germany……Germany got millions of lovely sugababe…. Allah Bless You Ozil

  5. 5
    mas Says:

    i from malaysia..i very like ozil..anna maria to old for ozil..i think she not suitable to ozil..hope ozil can find more beautiful and nice girl better than anna…hope ozil success in his careea and life..and lastly dont forget to Allah and may god bless u in your life..

  6. 6
    michel Says:

    lets hope she doesnt cheat on him.I think she is not right for him

  7. 7
    MicheLLe Says:

    i think that women is tooo olderrr….he no deserve that…Ozil can get more n better women than her…and i think its pity for him to have (sorry) a widow who is not necessarily good for devout Muslims like him…hope he can get better women n real muslim…not a convert…

  8. 8
    Secret Says:

    Well… I dont find her beautiful, just look her other photos!
    Besides I think that the man must be older!
    And the fact that Mesut her 3rd husband!!

  9. 9
    Nat Says:

    she’s sooo OLD for him… when ozil anda she are together she is like an OLD mom with her little and cute baby… ozil: ÂżHow can you be with her? is sooo old for you…. I can’t understand!!! Please, ozil think in that!!!

  10. 10
    kaka neven Says:

    aaaaaa~ i’m so jealous:( realy jealous

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