Kim Kardashian: Cowboy’s Miles Austin’s Girlfriend?

June 24, 2010

She might be off the marker again guys as there is reportedly a new athletic boy toy in the life of Kim Kardashian. Cowboy’s wide receiver Miles Austin has been spotted close to the reality TV star and has people talking. Continue for the juicy details, with more photos and video.

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Her last man, Reggie Bush, was also a football star and I guess she liked that type. In fact maybe the love of guys in a sporty uniform runs in the family, as we all know sister Khloe is married to NBA Finals winner Lamar Odom. Now after seeing them about and about and hearing from some sources, she may no longer be a single lady!

After the “drama” (if you can even call it that) about her possibly dating Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian’s cowboy rumor may be true. So here is what we have heard. A witness apparently saw the two at Casa Vega in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks getting close and having margaritas. Then there is the source stating:

“They are dating, but she doesn’t want to rush anything.”

Another person, who US Weekly says is close to her, said about the possible romance:

“Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle.”

Now this of course brings back thoughts about the hex Jessica Simpson “brought on” the NFL team from Dallas. Will they have to face another bad season like they did in 2007? Well if past record with these sisters means anything, I think they’ll be fine. Not only did Khloe’s Lamar just win, but she’s already proved to be a good luck charm.

“The Kardashians are good luck,” says a source. “Reggie’s team won the Super Bowl!”

Well you can’t argue with that! Hehe! So what do you think about the possible coupling of Kim Kardashian & Cowboy’s own Miles Austin? We will wait to see if we can get some more proof, but until then check out these photos and great video!

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Photos:, Judy Eddy, Ivan Nikolov, Michael Carpenter

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