Val Kilmer: Neighbors Still Upset!

June 22, 2010

It seems that controversy appears a lot in the same sentence as Val Kilmer. Neighbors of his in New Mexico are now trying to thwart his plans because of the notorious remarks 7 years ago! You have to keep reading for all the details, photos and video on this crazy story!

Val Kilmer 7

On his 6,000 acre ranch, he wants to turn part of it into a high class bed and breakfast. Naturally he would have to go get a permit, and that is where he is hitting a brick wall! After protesting from citizens and delays from authorities, the actor will now appear Wednesday to plead his case.

So, what happened to start off this mess that got Val Kilmer’s neighbors to hate him? Well in 2003 Rolling Stone Magazine ran an interview where he described his area of New Mexico. He called it “the homicide capital of the Southwest” and said that “80 percent of the people in my county are drunk.”

Whoa! Yea, I would be upset if I lived near him! And if that wasn’t enough, a couple years later Esquire Magazine quoted him making fun of soldiers and veterans! Even thought he claims he was misquoted both times, needless to say many from the area are questioning the character of the man who was once rumored to be running for office!

Now, he needs public support for his renovation project. Locals are demanding an apology before any plans can move forward, and they have the support of the county attorney Jesus Lopez, who feels he is a threat to society. He does have backing and maybe with the right speech, everyone can move on.

When talking about his efforts to be a good citizen he said, “It’s very upsetting for my friends. I’m not worried at all about the reaction because I just see it as an opportunity to bring people together.”

What do you think about the dispute between Val Kilmer, neighbors and the authorities? Should he get his permit, regardless of his merit? Be sure to leave me your comments, and check out these photos and a video of this gal’s opinion.

Val Kilmer 1Val Kilmer 2Val Kilmer 3Val Kilmer 4Val Kilmer 5Val Kilmer 6

Photos: Marzullo, Adriana M. Barraza, MeetTheFamous, Carrie Devorah

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