Portugal crushed North Korea 7-0 Highlights (Photos, Video)

June 21, 2010

Portugal showed no mercy against  North Korea Scoring 7 goals in the first game of Group H. Keep reading to know all the best moments of this exciting game plus check out the photos and video below.

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Portugal came from off of a draw against Ivory Coast that only left them thirsty for victory and today it was North Korea who gave them what they wanted and a little more at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here are the players of both teams:

Portugal North Korea
12 Beto 18 Kim Myong Gil
22 Daniel Fernandes 20 Kim Myong Il
3 Paulo Ferreira 7 An Choi Hyok
4 Rolando 14 Pak Nam Choi
5 Duda 6 Kim Kum Il
14 Miguel Veloso 12 Choe Kum Choi
15 Pepe 15 Kim Yong Jun
21 Ricardo Costa 16 Nam Song Choi
17 Ruben Amorri 19 Ri Choi Myong
20 Deco 21 Ri Kwang Hyok
9 Liedson 23 Pak Sung Hyok
Coach: Carlos Queiroz Coach: Kim Jong Hun

Today’s game was joined by rain, but not even the weather could stop the mighty Portuguese from sending killer shots. The goals came in this particular order #16 Raul Mereides (29’), #11 Simao (53’), #18 Almeida (56’), #19 Tiago (89’) who also made an outstanding performance, #9 Liedson (81’), #7 Ronaldo (87’). Portugal’s captain Cristiano Ronaldo expressed during the weekend that he felt confident about this game. Portugal’s next match will be on June 25th vs. Brazil and North Korea will take the field vs. Ivory Coast that same day.

The match ended 7-0. Some people have called this match the biggest victory in World Cup history, but actually the biggest was back in the 1982 World Cup when Hungary defeated El Salvador 10-1. But for now at this 2010 World Cup in beautiful South Africa, today’s match where Portugal crushed 7-0 over North Korea can be called the biggest victory so far. Take a look at the photos and video below.

Portugal 2010 World Cup 1Portugal World Cup 1 2Portugal World Cup South Africa 1

World Cup Pictures

Portugal vs. North Korea Video

Photos: www.WENN.com/ News Pictures.

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