Barbara Tausia: Nicolas Anelka’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

June 20, 2010

Barbara Tausia is also known as Barbara Tausia Anelka since she is married to France’s Nicolas Anelka, but Barb shines on her own as she is quite recognizable artist. Let’s check her out!! Don’t miss Barbara Tausia’s photos and video below.

Nicolas Anelka

The beautiful and very talented Barbara Tausia was born in Charleroi, which is the biggest city in Wallonia, Hainaut in Belgium. She was born on July 8th, 1977, making her 32 years old.

Barbara grew up in Belgium, but subsequently moved to France were she pursued her career as a dancer. Then came her turn as super awesome DJ and obviously with the looks, modeling was waiting just around the corner.

Barbara joined forces with Claude M’Barali aka MC Solaar with whom she collaborated on the single La, la, la from Cinquieme As in 2001. Two years later she started her band Eu4ya alongside Salvatore Cusato, Daniele Torrente, Fabrizio Rugna and Alessandro Franchi.

Her band released SarĂ  perchè ti amo on 2003, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye on 2004 and on 2007 they released Eu4ya meets Elissa with the popular song Tanti Auguri. Mrs. Anelka Tousi is also an awesome dancer and choreographer in a fab TV show in France. Barbara’s partnered with Between in creating a PR Company that takes care of public events and relationships of different and important names in sports, entertainment and music and that also manages her husband’s career and public image.

It was while living in France that she met her French stud with whom she got engaged and soon got married. Her marriage consisted of a civil union in Paris followed by the religious ceremony in Marrakesh, Morocco on June 9th, 2007.

But her happiness became overshadowed when a woman claiming to have had an affair for the past 4 months with the soccer player and even getting racy text messages and pictures the day of their wedding were revealed. On June, 2008 Barbara became the beautiful mother of baby boy Kais in Paris, France. A picture of Barbara holding a baby Dior Bag last year made people think she was pregnant and she really was. Now Kais it the big brother of Kahil. 

What do you think of Nicolas Anelka’s wife Barbara Tausia? Isn’t she just picture perfect? I think so! She is one of the most beautiful WAGS in Soccer around he world. Check out the photos and her video below.

Nicolas Anelka photo

Barbara Tausia Video

Photos: Daniel Deme.

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