Kimsha Hatfield or Kimsha Artest: Ron Artest’s Wife (Photos, Video).

June 20, 2010

Kimsha Hatfield is also known as Kimsha Artest or just as Ron Artest’s wife. But who is she really? Keep reading to learn more about the wife of the controversial Laker, plus don’t forget to check out these photos and video below.

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Unfortunately there is not much information about Kimsha’s personal life before she hooked up with Artest, so we are going to share with you the little we know.

Kimsha Hatfield is the daughter of Vivian Hatfield. She met her husband when she was just a 16 years old in high school.

Kimsha became pregnant with her first two children, Sadie and Ron III. They split up but reunited in September, 2002 and on June, 2003 they got married. Soon after their wedding, Kimsha welcome baby Diamond.

In March 2007, Kimsha called the police claiming domestic violence. Her husband was arrested and charge with battery, corporal injury to her, dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, and false imprisonment–all stemming from the domestic dispute at her home. When the police officers arrived at her house she told them that she had injuries to her leg and finger due to an altercation where he pushed her on the floor and slapped her in order to prevent her from calling 911. She didn’t want to press charges.

Although she didn’t press charges the judge set  a restriction order that prohibited him from getting close to her or her children. Two months later and after counseling, the restriction order was dropped  and they reconciled. More bad news was about to come.

Just a couple of months later, Kimsha’s 4 year old daughter Diamond was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor on her kidney. She went into surgery and chemo therapy. That type of cancer is 90% treatable, and Diamond is now cured.

Kimsha has been with her bad boy hubby in good and bad times, has help him and supported him to make his lifestyle better, but she didn’t know what to do when she found him unconscious and with a little amnesia after he fell off the stairs at their home in Beverly Hills. But she sure knew how to celebrate with her husband when the Lakers beat the Celtics. You can see Kimsha Hatfield Artest’s picture here.

Kimsha used to live in Indiana, but now resides in L.A, maybe you bumped with the famous Mrs. Artest someday, while that happens check out Kimsha Hatfield’s photos and video below.

Kimsha Hatfield Video

Photos: David Livingston.

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