Miles Austin And Kim Kardashian Dating? Find out the Truth (Photos, Video)

June 18, 2010

Is it true what we have been hearing about Kim Kardashian is dating Dallas Cowboys’ Miles Austin? What about Reggie? Keep reading to learn the rest of this story plus check out the photos and video below.

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Why is it that Kim Kardashian is dating Miles Austin? Not long ago is was said that she got back to her New Orleans Saints’ lover Reggie Bush?

If you remember earlier this month we heard that Kim and Bush were back together after Kim’s mother Kris Jenner set up the scenario for the reconciliation, and a little time before that it was the said that Reggie was getting back together with Kim, so then what happened? Is Kim changing teams from the Saints to the Cowboys?

Apparently Kim met a 25 year old wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Well just after the news about Kim getting back together with her former beau had broken, another news story about them denying that rumor came out, so she was single and available.

So is she really dating Miles? Let’s review that a sec. So she met Miles through mutual friends at a restaurant in L.A, talked and exchange numbers. He is even following her on Twitter and somewhere a source said that she is making time in her busy schedule to be with him, because she thinks that he is the one.

“It’s not just a revenge relationship. Kim’s really fallen for Miles, and the feeling is mutual. Kim’s carving out more time in her schedule to be with Miles, and she’s telling those close to her that he’s the one.”

And the real truth behind Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin alleging dating is not true at least not for now. They did meet at a restaurant, exchange numbers, but Kim doesn’t have the time to start a relationship right now, she is working on her reality shown living single and loving it!

Kim’s loving the single life, but she thinks Miles is a good guy," the source says. "She’s been joking she could bring him good luck like she did with Reggie. She’s filming four days a week for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The girl doesn’t even have time for a cup of coffee, much less dating!"

So it seemed that for the moment miles Austin and Kim Kardashian are not dating, but who knows what will happen next. Would you like them to get together? Take a look at the photos and video below.


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