Snoop Dogg Banned, Now From the Netherlands!

June 18, 2010

No stranger to being denied access to foreign countries, Snoop Dogg’s banned from a Dutch Festival now! Apparently they aren’t positive he will promote a “open and friendly character” which is what the event is all about. Continue reading for more on the confusion, with more pictures and video.

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The crazy part is that Calvin Broadus (his birth name) performs in the Netherlands at least once a year. He openly loves their marijuana availability and seemed to have a great reputation with the area. However, in a shocker he has been denied access!

As I said before, he is somewhat used to trouble and not being allowed into other countries. Here is a quick rundown. Back in 2006 an incident with his entourage in the UK caused him to be denied access to the country since 2007. He also faced drug and gun charges in the US. Following in the same path, Australia had Snoop Dogg banned due to failing a character test.

Well his character is apparently getting in his way again. The Parkpop celebration will start in 10 days, and organizers are now looking for a new headliner. Not much other than the fact that they think he doesn’t have the right character has been disclosed, and many find it shocking!

The rapper’s rep said, “Snoop Dogg is astonished by the decision of the Mayor of The Hague, a town in the south of Holland, to not allow him to perform at the free festival, Parkpop.”

I sure would like to know more about why this happened and so suddenly. A huge promoter in the country was also surprised to hear the news.

“We have never had any issues with Snoop, who has played magnificent shows at many of the festivals we promote such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz and at several other promoted shows by Mojo.”

Though not in the Netherlands, he will continue his planned trips to some other countries which are still allowing him to perform. What do you think about the latest news with Snoop Dogg? Banned from another country! Be sure to leave me your comments and check out these photos and video.

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Photos:, Adriana M. Barraza, Michael Carpenter, RK

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