Chile vs. Honduras 1-0 at World Cup (Photos, Video)

June 16, 2010

On the sixth day at the 2010 World Cup in Africa it is Latin America’s turn to fight for the three points. Chile was coming to take the lead on Group H, but Honduras would be playing in the name of Central America. What happened? What are the best moments of this match? Keep reading to learn the rest of this story plus check out photos and video below.

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Group H was the last team on the first round at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Their first match to take the field at Mbombela in Nelspruit, South Africa was Chile vs Honduras.

Here are the Players:

Honduras Chile
18 Noel Valladares 1 Claudio Bravo
23 Sergio Mendoza 1Medel7 Gary
7 Ramon Nunez 4 Mauricio Isla
8 Wilson Palacios 8 Arturo Vidal
21 Emilio Izaguirre 6 Carlos Carmona
20 Amado Guevara 20 Rodrigo Millar
9 Carlos Pavon 14 Matias Fernandez
2 Osman Chavez 7 Alexis Sanchez
17 Edgard Alvarez 10 Jorge Valdivia
23 Roger Espinoza 15 Juan Beausejour
3 Maynor Figueroa 3 Waldo Ponce
Coach: Reinaldo Rueda Coach: Marcelo Bielsa

The Word cup is no stranger to Chile–they have been playing since 1930. This one would be there seventh opportunity, while Honduras made their first appearance in 1982 in Spain leaving the Cup with just two points in three games (2 draws). This year they were hoping to get better results.

Chile was favored to win with star player Alexis Sanchez. But Honduras’ goalkeeper Noel Valladares is also a star. So what will the coaches try to do?

Honduras’ Rueda tried a 4-4-2, meanwhile Chile’s Belsa gave it a shot with a 3-3-1-3. At the end, Sanchez didn’t give the three points to Chile, it was Juan Beusejour who did it. Chile’s last win at any World cup was over 48 years ago.

What was left for Honduras after an attack from Chile? Matias Fernandez kept trying ever since the free kick that came so near to score. Honduras didn’t prove to be a feared rival that Chile should be afraid of, but they did managed to come back in the second quarter to at least leave with a draw. Their only near goal chance came on injury time with Ramon Nunez’s free kick.

Chile won their first match in the 2010 World Cup, the first one since 1962. Their next opponent will be Switzerland on June 21, while Honduras will face Spain that same day. Did You like this match? Who was your favorite to win? Take a look at the photos and videos below.

2010 World Cup 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 112010 South Africa World Cup 1 2

Word Cup Pictures

Honduras vs. Chile Video

Photos: News Pictures, Matthew Hines.

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