Scientists: Asteroid Clues Lead to Hunt

June 15, 2010

It’s all going on down under! For scientists, asteroid clues found in Australia could lead to a major discovery, and they are on the hunt. Read more about the found capsule below, and see more photos and video.

Asteroid 1

A capsule sent into the atmosphere in 2003 by the Japanese, landed in military area in the south of the country Monday night. It is the first scientific exploration that made contact with an asteroid and made it back to Earth. If all went well, there could be some very valuable information enclosed.

The ship’s name was Hayabusa and it got pictures and landed twice on the asteroid Itokawa. It had quite a rough time and Japanese scientists are very anxious to investigate their machine and see what they can learn. For scientists, asteroid clues within could advance study of the solar system greatly.

“It was an extremely difficult technological challenge, and we did everything to overcome the troubles one by one,” Seiichi Sakamoto, from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said. “This is an achievement we could make simply because we never gave up hope.”

After it was discovered overnight Monday, it was airlifted to the town of Woomera, where it is being prepared to ship to Japan. They say the landing seemed to be a great success and hope the samples and such will be useful. Sakamoto says there is about a 50/50 chance a sample will be worthwhile, and NASA scientist Scott Sanford said:

“It’ll be some time before we know if we’ve got sample, and if so, how much — I don’t think we can assume anything.”

This could sure be epic and life changing for the scientists! Asteroid clues could be just beneath the surface of the capsule!! What do you think about the possible findings? Leave me your comments, and check out these photos and this awesome video of its return.

Asteroid 2Asteroid 1 1

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