Elizabeth Minett: Robert Green’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

June 14, 2010

Meet the beautiful and sexy model Elizabeth Minett, she is Robert Green’s girlfriend, okay ex girlfriend, but would she be the cause of his mistake against USA? Would you like to know more about this stunning lady? Then keep reading and don’t forget to check out photos of Elizabeth Minett’s plus video below.

Robert Green 1

Elizabeth was dating West Ham and England’s national team goalkeeper for the last year and a half and a little bit more, well almost two years, allegedly he broke up with her to concentrate 100 % on his game with England at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Okay then why is this girl being accused as the cause for his terrible mistake in the game against the USA to even things up? I mean his mistake has happened before he is not the first and definitely won’t be the last even his rep is saying that the break up had zero, nada to do with the game and that they broke up months ago .

“Their relationship was over many months ago. This really is not an issue and Rob has gone into the World Cup prepared mentally and as focused as possible.”

So why blame this poor girl, and who is this girl anyway?

Elizabeth Minett is the beautiful 23 year old model from Toronto, Canada. As far as her schooling, she attended the University of Waterloo located in the city of Waterloo, Ontario in Canada in 2004 where she got her bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2008. She is 5’10”, has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, her measurements are 34-25-35. If you’d like to give her a present, like a dress, she is a size two and if you want to add some fashionable hot shoes she wears a size of 9.5. She might be single, but you still have to get permission from her super famous dentist father Charles Minett and her equally famous grandpa Ernest Everet Minett, sound familiar? Then that is because he is the Manhattan project scientist and responsible for the development in Remington Rand’s UNIVAC computers aps.

Elizabeth is part of the Next Models agency in Toronto, which handles her international placements as well as management. Additionally, she is managed by Next Models in Montreal and Mainboard Management in Barcelona.

Elizabeth is currently living in New York after she moved out of her ex soccer stud’s home in London where she was living when she began dating him after they met in Toronto. People have labeled Elizabeth Minett as a lingerie model, but the truth is that she has done a little bit of everything in fashion from ad campaigns, to catwalk and photoshoots with great names in fashion and awesome photographers. Oh! and did I mention that she also was featured in the television series Get Out (season 12) and in some of Hillary Duff’s music videos (Stranger).

Maybe you won’t see her at the World Cup or even any pictures of her in South Africa since she has been spotted going out on a date with Chace Crawford, but you can check Elizabeth Minett photos here and in the videos below.

Robert Green photo

 Elizabeth Minett Videos.

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Paul Blank/egghead06

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