Japan vs. Cameroon 1-0: 2010 World Cup (Photos, Video)

June 14, 2010

Japan gave South Africa the biggest surprise of the day, winning 1-0 over Cameroon. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out the photos and video below.

2010 World Cup 1 2 3 4

Japan vs Cameroon was the second game on the third day at the 2010 World Cup from Bloemfontein, South Africa. As part of Group E Japan was ready to face Cameroon and to win, although that wasn’t the same feeling most fans felt who were more into Cameroon and Samue Eto’o. Cameroon didn’t make it into the 2006 World Cup in Germany, but Japan did winning only 1 point from the four matches they played before leaving the Cup, but today they got their first victory.

The Japanese team, coached by Takeshi Okada and their captain Makoto Hasede were not afraid of Cameroon, on the contrary, they felt confident that today was going to be the day that they will end up victorious.

Cameroon has always given a powerful and fast play, but today it seemed that it wasn’t the same team that we are used to seeing. For instance Eto’o was like a ghost that stood on the right wing, many were saying that Cameroon wasn’t depending on him to win a match, today they proved they didn’t rely on any player whatsoever. Their coach Paul Le Guen regretted their poor performance.

"I regret that the players were not able to play at the level they could. In the second half they fought but there was a lack of order in their fight. I think we were too nervous during the first half.

Japan wasn’t aggressive but neither was their rivals so they took the opportunity to assure their first three points on the 39 minute of the first quarter of the game. A game that for many seemed just as boring as the one we saw between France vs. Uruguay last Friday.

The goal by 24 year old Keisuke Honda, now his next rival Netherlands are waiting to face them on Saturday, while Cameroon will play that same day against Denmark.

What did you think of Japan’s performance? What are your thought towards Cameroon? Take a look at these photos and video below

2010 South Africa World Cup2010 World Cup 1 2 3 4 5

World Cup Pictures

Japan vs. Cameroon Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/News Pictures, Matthew Hines.

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