Dwight Howard Wins Slam Dunk Contest (Photos and Video)

February 16, 2008

Dwight Howard was the man of steel tonight…donning a Superman cape and flying through the air to win the All Star Slam Dunk Contest this evening. See photos and video below.

If you had to sum up in one word what the All Star Slam Dunk Contest was like this evening, probably super is one word comes to mind, thanks to Dwight Howard. The 6’11, 265 pound player from the Orlando Magic won the slam dunk contest for all the big guys out there.

“It’s really for the big men,” Howard said. “Everybody always says, big men can’t jump and big men don’t look good dunking. I just tried to add a little bit of my personality. With me being so tall, I knew it was going to be tough. I tried to play to the crowd and have fun.”

Howard’s first dunk was one he’s been perfecting for the last two years. He stood at the baseline, threw the ball up to the back of the backboard, caught it with both hands and while looking through the glass, dunked left-handed. It was awesome. He received a perfect score of 50 from the judges.

Gerald Green’s teammate, Rashad McCants, climbed atop a ladder and placed a cupcake with a candle in it on the back of the rim. Green flew the air and blew out the candle before making his dunk. Yet another amazing dunk…watching it in slow mo…even better.

The crowd roared as they saw Howard remove his Magic jersey and reveal a Superman costume. Once he put on the red cape, you almost knew he had the competition already won. He started off at mid-court and flew through the air to throw the ball down into the basket.

Green would go shoeless in another dunk and had McCants climb atop a ladder yet again, but this time had him hold the ball up as Green flew through the air to grab the ball and dunk it…those two dunks combined weren’t even better than Howard’s Superman throw down dunk…

It was all over at that point. It was up to the crowd and the audience in TV land to cast their vote. Via the wonderful world of text messaging, Howard won. It was America’s choice.

Check out photos and video of Dwight Howard during the Slam Dunk Contest below.

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