Saban- Headed For Tuscaloosa?

January 1, 2007

Maimi Dolphins coach, Nick Saban, may not be able to dodge questions about the possibility of him heading to Tuscaloosa to fill an open head coach’s position at the University of Alabama for much longer.

Saban has consistently denied reports that he is considering the Alabama job, which became available when Mike Shula was terminated back on Nov. 27, despite newspaper reports that say Alabama is still trying to hire Saban away from the Dolphins organization.

According to an article at
The Birmingham News reported on its Web site that Alabama athletic director Mal Moore left Tuscaloosa on a plane Jan. 1 headed for a Miami area airport. The News and other newspapers reported that Alabama was prepared to offer Saban a seven-year deal that would make him college football’s highest-paid coach.

When asked if there’s an Alabama offer on the table, Saban said, “I have not talked to anyone.” When asked if he’s scheduled to meet with school officials this week, he said, “I don’t know about that.

Saban might not be telling a lie when he says that he hasn’t talked to anyone at the U of Alabama, but you can rest assured that his agent has.


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