Veronica Ojeda: Diego Maradona’s Girlfriend Biography (Photos, Video)

June 13, 2010

Have you met Argentina’s head coach Diego Armando Maradona beautiful Girlfriend? Her name is Veronica Ojeda and we can tell you a few things about her so keep reading and don’t forget to check out some of Veronica’s photos and video below.

Veronica Ojeda
Veronica Ojeda Picture

Veronica Ojeda was born in Villa Fiorito, Argentina on December 9, 1980 or 1977 her exact age is uncertain (several sources reports different ages from 29 to 32). Since there isn’t much information about her except for this and the fact that she used to be a physical education teacher, we can’t tell you how Veronica’s relationship with Argentina’s #10 started.

Veronica met him while she was among the guests on his cousin’s son Fernando’s wedding on November 13, 2005. Sources said that as soon as he set eyes on her he quickly made his move and they became almost inseparable ever since.

Just a week after they met he showed up at her house where he expected Veronica to get the door only instead it was her father Carlos Ojeda who later introduce him to his wife and Vero’s mother Rufina. They were spotted taking a vacation to Venezuela, where a good friend of his lives – which happens to be Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez who said that he thinks a wedding might be on the way. They were also spotted taking a vacation on some romantic islands.

Not so long after that they were living together in a lovely house in Barrio El Trebol in Ezeida, Buenos Aires. On his family’s side she is accepted and loved by her in–laws including sisters but allegedly not by her new step daughters.

On the first months of 2010, the couple announced that Veronica was 4 months pregnant and that is was going to be a girl who was going to be born while Argentina would be at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Sadly not long after some pictures of Veronica showing her 19 week baby bump was revealed, she suffered a miscarriage. On January 27, 2010 Veronica woke up in the middle of the night and fainted which caused her to hurt herself, she was taken to the Clinica Suizo Argentina in Buenos Aires around 4:00 a.m where she was treated, but sadly she had lost the baby, apparently this was her second miscarriage her first was about two years ago, both were really sad.

Now that you know a little bit more about Diego Maradona’s Girlfriend , maybe you can tell us what you think? And if you have a bit more information about her , it would be great to know more, meanwhile take a look at Veronica Ojeda’s photos and video below.

Veronica Ojeda picVeronica Ojeda Photo

Veronica Ojeda Pictures

Veronica Ojeda Video.


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