Sacramento Kings Dancers are Hot Cheerleaders

February 15, 2008

Here are racy photos of the awesome Sacramento Kings cheerleaders that are demanding your attention. The hot Sacramento Kings Dance Team was photographed in their panties, swigging alcohol, kissing girls, mooning the camera, and assorted other debauchery at late night parties.

Sacramento Kings Dancers 8

All in good fun of course. There is nothing terribly bad about these photos. Just some bad girls having good fun. Nevertheless, their naughty behavior made the local newspaper which is probably not what the team had in mind when they dressed them up.

Matt Ufford at posted the photos earlier this week. He said “If I help distribute these photos to the masses, then the fun dancers might get kicked off the squad and/or stop sharing their sexy photos, which could lead to a world in which naughty cheerleaders are restricted to fictional porn fantasies.”

Well said, I think. We will link him later. Too much publicity has crashed his website. See much more here and here.

So who would not want to party with the hot Sacramento Kings cheerleaders? Especially the lovely girls whose last names shall remain anonymous.

Without further ado, here are your 2008 Sacramento Kings dance team cheerleaders.

But wait! If you want to see naughty cheerleaders from another Dance Team (Washington Wizards) then click (((here)))!!

See the video too!

Sacramento Kings DancersSacramento Kings Dancers 6Sacramento Kings Dancers 4

Sacramento Kings Dancers 3Sacramento Kings Dancers 1Sacramento Kings Dancers 7Sacramento Kings Dancers 11

Sacramento Kings Dancers 2Sacramento Kings Dancers 8 1Sacramento Kings Dancers 9Sacramento Kings Dancers 10

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3 Responses to “Sacramento Kings Dancers are Hot Cheerleaders”

  1. 1
    Don Chavez Says: was the first to post this story and actually discovered the pictures. I also posted some pictures from the Wizards Dance team.

    Check in this week for more pictures.

  2. 2
    Sactown123 Says:

    You have listed some of the gils names, but SOME of the names aren’t even in ANY of the pictures. Better be careful or you will be sued. I would remove the names if I were you. This is a WARNING….

  3. 3
    Clifton Schmidt Says:

    God bless them!