Jenna Gomez: Glen Davis’ Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

June 11, 2010

Meet Glen Davis’ beautiful hot girlfriend, Jenna Gomez. These two have a lot more in common than just their kindness and good looks, want to find out? Keep reading to know more about her plus check out Jenna Gomez’s photos and video below.

Glen Davis

Jenna Gomez is a lot more than just a pretty face with one of the best bodies in Boston, she actually used to be and still is an awesome basketball player ever since her time at Noble & Greenough in Dedham, Massachusetts. This 5’8” beauty was born in Norfolk, Virginia and has a younger brother and loves to read, do community service and travel.

The truth is that Jenna was not just a good player she was unbelievable, one time team’s Most Valuable player (MVP), Four times All-ISL team and also four times for the All-New England team. During her time in high school she made over 1800 points, plus when she needed a break from Basketball she turned into varsity field hockey were she also Rocked!!

After she graduated she got into Tufts University in Medford, Somerville in Massachusetts, the alma mater of Meredith Viera and Pierre Omidyar (eBay) among others. Jenna joined Tufts’ basketball team, The Jumbos, and became senior co-captain plus she was a starter player for three years where she helped her team defeat Bowdoin College, who were the Conference champions for the past seven years. In her senior year (2007-2008) was when Jenna met that handsome Big Baby who won her heart, she graduated from Tufts with a degree in Child Development. Although when she was asked what would she be doing after graduation she wasn’t so sure.

“At this point I’m not exactly sure what I will be doing after college, but I know that I want to work with children and help the impoverished. My passion is children and I hope to make a difference as much as I can”. Jenna Gomez said.

Jenna is now dating “Big Baby” and moved in with him in their house in Boston, they are currently engaged and in March he announced that Jenna was expecting their first baby; the news spread in a second. Congratulations!!

What do you think of Jenna Gomez? I think she is just picture perfect and did you check that lovely smile? Take a look at her photos and video below.

Glen Davis Photo

Jenna Gomez Video

Photo: Torres Bonatto

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