Bethenny Frankel: Marriage & Baby!

June 11, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel’s marriage, and her life in general, is a hot topic these days. Her new show about planning her wedding debuted last night, and was it a hit? Well, keep reading for all the deets on what’s up with the drama queen, with more photos and video.

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Bravo aired her show last night that is going to take us all through the production of a commitment fearing bride-to-be. I think they tried to make it seem way more captivating than it is going to be, and even added a question mark to the end of the title, in a way to keep us wondering… I don’t think it’s working!

We all know she is already married to hubby Jason Hoppy, and their baby Bryn is a month old now. Other than maybe seeing a behind the scenes view of freak outs and some details of Bethenny Frankel’s marriage, what really draws the crowds for this? I for one was not thrilled about the prospect of a new show featuring the New York gal, but we’ll see. I may have to catch the wedding episode just to see what it all ended up like though!

She sure must be a busy lady these days, even if she doesn’t have Housewives to go back to. She has a little baby girl, which means not a lot of sleep; and a new husband which changes like completely. I’m sure as times goes on she will adjust and then who knows what we’ll hear from her!

People sure have been following her since she announced her pregnancy and engagement about the same time last year, though. We also recently heard news of a “secret” past marriage for this 38 year old. Apparently she dated a guy that she had always been friends with and they got married. She says she was too young and it didn’t last long. Well we wish her the best in this relationship and hope that her fears dissolve.

What do you think of the latest from Bethenny Frankel? Is marriage prep and whatever else is going on in her life entertaining enough for its own series? And if you caught the episode, be sure to tell me your thoughts below.

Also here are some great photos and video straight from the star!

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Photos:, Mr Blue, Flashpoint

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