Candace Fisher: Derek Fisher’s Wife (Photos, Video)

June 9, 2010

Candace Fisher is the beautiful, elegant and loving wife of the Laker’s Derek Fisher, would you like to know her better? Her children? Then keep reading to know all about this stunning lady plus check out some of Candace Fisher’s Photos and Video.

Candace Fisher
Candace Fisher Picture

The Lovely Candace Patton was born on February 1st, 1976 so this will make her age 34 years old. There is not really much information about her like where she was born or where did she go to school, what we really know about her past is that she has a son Marshall (11) from her previous relationship she had with NFL running back Marshall Faulk.

After that relationship was over she found love, support and confidence in the arms of, at that time Utah Jazz’s point guard, it was reported that Candace started dating him in May, 2004, although we don’t know when they got engaged. We do know that they got married on February 11th, 2006 at his house in Encino, California. A couple of months later that same year they were blessed with their twins Tatum and Drew Fisher.

When her twins were just 10 months old, Candace noticed that little Tatum’s eye did not normal, like that her left eye reflected light and when she told her doctor they suspected it was retinoblastoma (a rare kind of cancer that develops in the retina). Little Tatum arrived with her parents to New York City where she got her second opinion, when they got at the New York’s Presbyterian Hospital they had their final diagnosis. Indeed Tatum has retinoblastoma and the treatment consisted of having chemotherapy injected directly in the tumor in order to get it reduced and hopefully removed, but doctors said that she might not be able to save her eye and if they couldn’t reduce it, her eye might have to be removed. Today she is a healthy five year old beautiful girl.

Candace also had to face the issue of a certain woman claiming to be the real Mrs. Fisher, this alleged Mrs. Fisher turned out to be a 40 something year old woman named Symone Fisher, but it was Mr. Fisher who said she was his stalker and that Candace was his real wife.

Take a look at some of Candace Fisher’s photos and video below.

Candace Fisher photoCandace Fisher photosCandace Fisher picCandace Fisher picture

Candace Fisher Pictures

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Dimitri Halkidis, Apega, Judy Eddy, Chris Connor.

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One Response to “Candace Fisher: Derek Fisher’s Wife (Photos, Video)”

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    damon z Says:

    this really looks from the outside like the perfect family, the thing is his press release far exceeds the reality of the situation. Derek has been conducting a ten year affair with the mother of his first child. This affair extending through championship’s, books about christian living as well as the unfortunate crisis involving the twins. Derek pays the smallest amount possible for the overall care of said first child as directed by the courts when she was two, this number has never increased because he made certain that his sexual relationship with the former would be Mrs. Fisher was always the dominating force in any and all decisions made by aforementioned woman,( Kimberly) when kimberly ultimately decided that she really liked candace and just was no longer comfortable with the sexual aspect of this highly dysfunctional arrangement, not more than five days later Derek lawyered up for the purpose of taking Kim back to court… Look for this story to break wide open soon..