Jesse James: ‘Insecure and Sick’!

June 9, 2010

Okay, another woman is in the media talking about the cheater and calling Jesse James insecure! At least it’s not another alleged mistress, but it is a former mother-in-law. Keep reading for all the dish with more photos and a video as well!

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The man from West Coast Choppers, amongst many things, is in the middle of a custody battle with second wife Janine Lindemulder. When things didn’t go her daughter’s way, her momma wanted her thoughts known! So what was she so irate about?

The judge did not grant Janine the right to immediate visitation with Sunny (their daughter) after she was released from the government’s halfway house. When he had this victory, Jonlyn Jeter spoke out against Jesse James. Insecure was one of the many ways she described her former son-in-law.

He’s a “very sick and insecure individual” and she claimed he “does not really care what is best for Sunny in (her) opinion.”

She also has a very strong belief that somehow he will use the custody to win back the heart of his soon to be ex-wife Sandra Bullock.

“Jesse knows he can use Sunny to try and win over Sandra Bullock, but she would be a total fool to take him back again now.”

I think she is just a little upset that access to her granddaughter is being impeded and that someone she does not feel is worthy has won for now. It seems that he does wish to get back together, as we heard from his ‘Nightline’ interview. The hearing is not concluded and will continue sometime near the end of the month. But no matter what the outcome, I personally doubt that it will make much if any difference to the beloved actress.

What do you think of Ms. Jeter’s claims about Jesse James? Insecure, sick and conniving! Be sure to tell me your thoughts below, after you check out these photos and video!

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Photos: Worth, Marcus Dodridge, Patricia Schlein

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