Michel Lagravere Peniche: Youngest Bullfighter in the World (Photos, Video)

June 8, 2010

Meet the Youngest Bullfighter in the world, his name is Michel Lagravere Peniche. This young talent started before age 10, but why don’t we get to know him? Keep reading to know his full Biography and don’t miss Michel Lagravere’s photos and video below.

Young Bullfighter

Michel Lagravere Peniche is indeed the youngest bullfighter in the world and the son of former bullfighter Michel Lagravere from France and Mexican beauty Diana Peniche Marenco. He was born in Merida, Yucatan in Mexico on December, 1987.

Michel or Michelito as he is also known in Mexico, grew up surrounded by bullfights, his dad has a bullfight academy and Diana takes care of the management of bullrings all over Merida, Mexico, so it was pretty much natural for him to become a bullfighter, which is why he started when he was just five years old.

Because of his young age, he was not allowed to fight on La Tierra Madre Spain that is the cradle of the most famous bullfighters in the world, so he fights all over Mexico and other parts in Latin America where there is no limited age to do so. At age 10 he was a well known fearless bullfighter, but Michel wasn’t planning on waiting to get older to get recognition doing what he loves the most, instead he was aiming for the Guinness World records and what was his plan to get him in Guinness? Michel planned a challenge that included him and killing six bulls in the same fight.

But the Guinness said they were not aware of that event taking place and even so they would never include some act involving the killing of animals.

Disappointed as he felt Michel tried his father’s land, France, in a fight, but the Anti Corrida alliance were very aware of him and immediately canceled two bullfights of the 10 year old at that time, but he was not giving up and he said he was going to fight again in France.

Now at age 12 he keeps on fighting in Mexico which brings us to his latest fight where he was injured while fighting his second bull of the day, an 848 pound bull that tossed him into the air, luckily he wasn’t seriously injured just left out with just bruises.

And if you are wondering what might be Michel Lagravere Peniche’s next step, you better keep an eye on the World’s  youngest bullfighter! Meanwhile take a look at some of his photos and video below.

Young Bullfighter photo


Michel Lagravere Videos

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Raul M Leal

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