Cocaine: Gambia Find Worth $1 Billion!

June 8, 2010

Whoa…A street value of $1 billion dollars worth of cocaine! Gambia, West Africa is where the drugs were discovered. See photos, video and read more about the unbelievable find below.


It’s been reported that cash and firearms were found in addition to the cocaine. Gambia officials arrested over a dozen people related to the bust.

Okay so exactly where was the coke found you’re wondering? With help from the UK’s SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency, which is the equivalent to the FBI in the U.S.), they found the cocaine “behind a false wall in a warehouse basement an hour’s drive from the Gambian capital, Banjul.”

Due to West Africa’s lack of security, it’s been widely known to be a major central point for drug traffickers on their way to Europe, which is where the $1 billion coke find (the largest in Africa’s history) was headed next.

In fact, just the other day it was reported that a Ugandan woman was arrested after she was found to have carried approximately 21.4 kilograms of cocaine on a South Africa Airlines flight. The drugs were in boxes labeled with UN logos. She claimed that she worked for the United Nations and even carried ID claiming as such. Authorities became wary after questioning the woman where the keys to the padlocked boxes were. She told officials that she didn’t have them and that they were at the Kampala office. How convenient, eh? Joseph Ngisa, head criminal investigator, said:

“Our officers were carrying normal screening of passengers, the incoming and outgoing. She could not even tell where the UNDP headquarters are and we decided to break the padlocks.”

With this latest haul of cocaine, Gambia authorities also seized several computers containing criminal evidence.

What do YOU think of this billion dollar drug bust? How will this affect the drug trafficking in Africa? Let me know your thoughts…see pictures plus a video below.


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