Kate Phillips Rose: Justin Rose’s Wife (Photos, Video)

June 7, 2010

Meet Memorial Tournament Winner Justin Rose’s beautiful wife Kate Phillips aka Kate Rose, she is the lady that has made his life and career turn surprisingly well. Would you like to meet her and find out what she did in her earlier years? Keep reading to know her full story plus check out Kate Phillips Rose’ Photos and Video below.

Justin Rose

Kate Phillips is also known as Kate Rose in England, but when she was just Kate Phillips she was also known as one of the United Kingdom’s next gymnasts and the world. All this was back in the 1990’s, after love was coming to knock on her door and she was ready to open.

Kate met her soon to be hubby and started dating some time after that, soon they were living together in Putney, a suburb in London where they bought a riverside flat, that Kate had just the best time decorating and after that they celebrated by throwing a welcome home party. She was a great support to Rose when her father in law died from leukemia in 2002, Kate’s mother died of breast cancer as well, and ever since she is a great supporter of both the Cancer and Leukemia Association. Eventually Kate retired from her career as a gymnast and becaame a personal assistant at IMG, her boyfriend’s agent, so she was traveling with him wherever golf took him.

After way too many years dating they decided to get married. They got married in 2006, and make their residence between their home in London and the one in sunny state, in Lake Nona, Florida to be exact.

On December 21, 2009 they were blessed with their first child a boy they named Leo, as you can imagine with Kate’s great genes and her husband’s great looks, Little Leo is to die for. You can see a beautiful picture of them at Ohio’s Memorial right here.

Justin Rose’s beautiful wife Kate Phillips Rose is a great woman, friend, mother and wife, you can check out some photos and a video below.

Justin Rose photo

Kate Phillips Rose Video.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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