Alexandra Browne: Rickie Fowler’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

June 7, 2010

Have you met Alexandra Browne? She is currently Rickie Fowler’s beautiful girlfriend, let’s check her out! Plus take a look at Alexandra Browne’s photos and video below.

Rickie Fowler 1

Born in Jupiter, Florida, Alexandra Browne is the beautiful 18 year old daughter of the famous golfer Olin Browne and his wife Pamela Browne who is an attorney, she has one brother Olin Jr., who like his father, plays golf. Ms. Browne graduated from high School two years ago.

For her, being on the golf course was just normal, she grew up on a golf course and little did she know that she was going to find love there too.

Why is that? Well, Alexandra is currently dating the 21 year-old golfer, but don’t think that Alexandra just began dating him, in fact during an interview he had with Puma last November, when he was questioned about having a girlfriend he said he did have one and that he has been dating her for two months and that he met her while playing golf. Since her dad plays golf, and that for sure is our girl Alexandra. Her boyfriend, who some people are calling the young Tiger, but for her he is just her super cute boyfriend with whom she looks totally hot with.

There is not really much information we could find about her, even pictures of her before the time she was watching her beau’s game on June 3rd at the PGA Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio, she is so unbelievably beautiful, dark blonde hair but with cool natural highlights that bring out her pretty brown eyes and perfect tan, which might be probably her natural skin tone.

Alex was looking so into her boyfriend’s game, but totally cool about the attention he has recently gained and that’s a good thing, because now the attention on her is starting already. Especially for him who said that she is his biggest inspiration and the reason why he played so well.

As I told you there were pictures of her but I did find one really good picture of her right here.

Now tell me what do you think about her? Don’t you think she is so beautiful? I think so and they do look so great together, I guess we will be seeing and hearing a lot more about her from now on. It is awesome to check out pretty people and even more when they have super hot and talented boyfriends. Take a look at these photos and video below.

Rickie Fowler photo

Photos: Breikss

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