Kim Kardashian “Biggest Butt” App for iPhone!

June 6, 2010

In designing the avatar for her personal application on Apple’s iPhone, she made one detail very important. Kim Kardashian’s biggest butt ever can now be seen if you download her advice program! Read more about her digital curves below, with more photos and a video!

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Few really embrace their body if it has curves like this famous singer or J-Lo. But when it was time to promote her perfume line, she chose a voluptuous image of herself to go along with app that helps us all with “relationships, beauty, health and fashion.”

She has been very involved in the production of the program, and had a specific vision in mind for the avatar. When presented with a variety of rumps, Kim Kardashian’s biggest butt choice shows she’s knows she’s got junk in the trunk!

“Kim approved all of it. She asked them to revise her avatar three or four times because it didn’t look right to her. She went with the biggest butt of all the options.”

This reality TV star sure knows how to make a splash in the media, and always seems to keep her name out there. From her steamy sex tape to her scandalous “relationship” with Justin Bieber! Okay, so the sex tape is real, maybe not dating the 16 year old singer. That is not to say that their tweeting didn’t cause a stir, as fans made death threats to the 29 year old! Check out all those deets at Popeater.

Now I am sure many have downloaded the avatar that gives advice, but it really isn’t getting great reviews. It seems that she is so popular and always in the spotlight, but no one is really in love with the diva.

If you are one of the many with an iPhone, would you (or have you already) download the app that features Kim Kardashian’s biggest butt, fashion advice and other fun? Make sure to let me know below and check out more photos and a video here of her actually trying to make your butt smaller!

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Photos:, Adriana M. Barraza, Jody Cortes, KOKOPIX

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