Kate Gosselin: Gator Shock in Florida!

June 6, 2010

What makes a scream of horror come from the mouth of Kate Gosselin? Gators apparently, at least when they are too close! Read more about the interesting encounter below with more great photos and a video sneak peek!

Kate Gosselin  5

It’s been about a year since all the drama with the parents of eight children started. Now the family (minus Jon) are featured in a two hour special tonight, June 6th! And as a surprise trip for the sextuplet’s birthdays, they get up and close with some Florida wildlife.

The mommy is apparently very happy to get her kids back on TV and the debut seems to be packed full of excitement and entertainment. Other than Kate Gosselin’s gator encounter, they visit other animals and end up with a party and cake! It should be quite a different feel without the Jon on set, and it seems that maybe that is a good thing.

The former DWTS contestant was on the Today show Friday, where she talked about the show and how she explains their father’s behavior to the children.

“Jon’s decisions remain Jon’s decisions. It’s just for me to help the kids deal with it … They ask me questions where his girlfriends are concerned, and it’s just a situation that I have to deal with them.”

And in case you’re wondering she isn’t ready to date as she wants to be there for her kids now. I personally don’t think she would have time to date, work and have a good relationship with her 8 kids. It seems that I am constantly hearing about another show she is doing, and though this one is with the children, they all take a lot of her time.

So, for this particular project, what do you think this show will be like without the patriarch? Will you tune in to watch Kate Gosselin’s gator scare and the rest of the vacation? Check out these photos and the sneak peek below, and don’t forget to leave me your great comments!!

Kate Gosselin  1 Kate Gosselin  2 Kate Gosselin  3 Kate Gosselin  4 Kate Gosselin  6 Kate Gosselin  7

Photos: www.wenn.com/Ray Filmano, A. Miller, FayesVision

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