Tiger’s Wife visits Brother Axel In China (Photos, Video)

June 5, 2010

Elin Nordegren still is Tiger Woods’ wife, but she has been on many trips without him and now she takes some time off in company of her children to visit her brother Axel Nordegren in China. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out some of Elin Nordegren’s photos and video below.

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Taking a trip without her husband Tiger Woods is so natural for Elin Nordegren and the same thing goes for us that we have become more used to see her become more independent each day. Other activities that we have witnessed as part of Ein’s independence is her decision to go back to college.

Just last month we heard that she took a trip to Sweden with her kids, now Elin takes some time off before getting ready to celebrate Sam’s third birthday where as you can imagine Tiger will be present.

Elin, Sam and Charlie took off to China where Elin’s big brother Axel lives and works as a marketing representative. They will stay there for a week and be back in Orlando before June 18th.

But while his family takes a Shanghai vacation, Tiger flies to Ohio where he gets ready to play golf at the PGA Memorial Tournament, but as the practice shots began, his stress was present as well.

Tiger’s stress might or might not be related to the alleged 750 Million that Elin is asking as part of their divorce agreement, but what might be the cause of his stress is Elin’s alleged desire to get full custody of Sam and Charlie, she said that she still wants Tiger to be a big part of her children’s lives, but reportedly she won’t talk to him in any way. Her nanny drives her kids and it’s been said that she has people who talk to him on the phone if she needs to tell him something or if he calls.

Wow!! Let’s see how this whole divorce ends up and let’s look forward to little Sam’s birthday party in company of her friends and family, like her grandmothers, Aunt Josefin and maybe Uncle Axel can take time off from China to join them in Orlando. Take a look at some of the photos and video right here.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Brian McEvoy

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