Gaynor Knowles: Colin Montgomery’s Wife (Photos)

June 5, 2010

Meet the beautiful and elegant Gaynor Knowles, she is one of Britain’s most famous socialites and also Colin Montgomery’s wife. Would you like to know more about her? Then keep reading and don’t forget to check out Gaynor Knowles’ photo and videos below.

Gaynor Knowles

Gaynor Knowles is a very well known personality in England, especially in Liverpool, since it was there that her famous ex husband established his family furniture stores Sterling Furniture.

Gaynor got married in 1987 and during her 16 year marriage she became the mother of three beautiful girls, Olivia (17), Christie (14) and Aimee (9) and a handsome boy George (20). Her husband passed away when they were celebrating his 41st birthday on their yacht in Mallorca in 2003, then she became a full time mother and part time business woman, but the beautiful widow didn’t stay alone forever.

Her long time friends Dougie and Linda Donnelly had a plan for their single friend and he knew just the perfect guy for her, so he arranged a blind date for them.

In 2005 they arranged a date for Gaynor and her soon to be hubby at the Gleneagles’ Strathearn restaurant, lucky for them it was love at first sight, after one year of dating, 39 year old Gaynor received her second wedding proposal on the same spot they met along with the most expensive and bigger diamond ring (6 carats) from the Timothy Hardie jewelry store. Pictures of Gaynor wearing her new rock were everywhere!!

The two got married on April 19, 2008 at the Loch Lomond Golf Club in front of over 340 friends and family, both of their daughters were bridesmaids, while Gaynor’s older son walked her to the altar.

Just when Gaynor thought she was living one of the happiest times of her life her famous golfer husband revealed he was having an affair with Joanne Baldwin, the same woman he used to date just after his first marriage ended.

"I have said everything I want to say about that. The crowd were very supportive of me today, everyone has been supportive. It’s up to Gaynor and I to work things out and that is continuing."

Now he is trying to save his marriage with Gaynor, the question is will she forgive him? Will you forgive something like this? For now Gaynor Knowles is Colin Montgomery’s wife, but tomorrow who knows, so in the meantime take a look at some of her photos and video below.

Gaynor Knowles photoGaynor Knowles picGaynor Knowles picture

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