Liza Minnelli: Celebrity Rehab A Rumor, Baby!

June 4, 2010

Though thought to be participating, VH1 the recovery show will not feature Liza Minnelli. ‘Celebrity Rehab’ has been lacking star power for their next season and may be delayed. Therefore they were hoping to acquire this multi award winner. Read more about the story below with more pictures and video.

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Dr. Drew helps stars as they receive treatment for their various addictions and problems. It started in the beginning of 2008 and has had three seasons so far. This year they are having trouble, like in the first season, to have a dramatic cast. But that doesn’t mean the deals aren’t very enticing.

When I read about this show and that they need drama this season, my first thought was, “Duh, Lindsay Lohan!” However they are going after her and offering her six figures to participate! I don’t know if they are or aren’t offering the same to Liza Minnelli. ‘Celebrity Rehab’ not only gives them free 21-day treatment, but it does give them a salary, relative to their fame, I guess.

TMZ reported that they were in negotiations with her, but that they haven’t reached an agreement. Now we are getting reports from her rep that she definitely will not participate!

“Liza Minnelli, who is beginning a national tour in St. Louis on June 5, is not now nor will ever be on ‘Celebrity Rehab’”

She went back into treatment in 2004 for her problems with alcohol, but it seems she doesn’t want any help now. So who will be joining the cast? It is speculated that Tila Tequila and Jason Wahler are confirmed for the VH1 show. With filming possibly starting as early as today, I am sure we will find out soon what is really going on.

I think we can assume though that there will be no Liza Minnelli ‘Celebrity Rehab’ appearance. Let me know your comments below after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos: Carpenter, Joseph Marzullo, Rachel Worth, Robert Wallace

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