Lady Gaga Costume Ban Outrageous!

June 4, 2010

“No entry” is what you heard at the Monster Ball concert if you were one of the many who dressed in a Lady Gaga costume. Banned fans with Coke cans in their hair made the singer very upset and she had to do something! Read more about this below with more photos and a great video.

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She was performing her Monster Ball tour concert at the MEN Arena in Manchester, England and security guards put a little damper on the fun. The performer took matters into her own hands and spoke to security guards. Can you really say no to someone like her?

Apparently not, because the Lady Gaga costume ban was lifted and the “little monsters” were allowed to enjoy the music! And of course we heard from the singer immediately on Twitter. First she wrote:

“Outraged… Staff at the MEN aren’t letting people into the arena with cans in their hair. So many sad Little Monsters.”

Who knows what she did or how much of her monster side she let out, but whatever it was, it worked! Next we heard from her:

“All is well at MEN Arena, feel free to wear your coke cans proud in hair. Security has been reprimanded for censoring Little Monster freedoms.”

Now the look-a-likes were able to enjoy the bloody and somewhat creepy show. Not everyone was aching to get into the arena, though, as many in Britain were protesting the concert. A man from Northern England had just gone on a shooting spree, leaving 16 dead. Picketers felt the pop star, whose show is somewhat violent, was very insensitive about the events that were so fresh in everyone’s minds.

Other pop stars are seeing this 24 year old’s style as an inspiration and are making their shows bigger and better. Rihanna and Sting are among those pulling out all the stops for their tours. Like her or not, she sure is making an impression all over the world!

What are your thoughts on the events at the concert by Lady Gaga? Costume bans sensible or too extreme? Be sure to leave me your comments, and check out these pictures and video.

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Photos: Alexander

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One Response to “Lady Gaga Costume Ban Outrageous!”

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    Kathleen Beseke Says:

    LOL I totally love Lady Gaga! I love the fact that she’s so crazy. Thanks for writing this article. I have bookmarked your website and definitely will stop by again!