Charlyne Yi: Michael Cera’s Ex-Girlfriend

June 3, 2010

Someone may be getting too big of a head, leaving behind a great girl, Charlyne Yi. Michael Cera apparently wants to play the field now that he’s getting famous. For more on their love life keep reading below, with more pictures and video.

Charlyne Yi  4 Michael Cera  1

The mocumentary that came out last year about their love “Paper Heart” now has a more dramatic meaning as the young nerdy couple may no longer be together. And the reason the “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” actor dumped longtime girlfriend was simply because he’s too popular to stick to one girl. Well we do know the reputation in Hollywood is to not be monogamous!

They are in the middle of their publicity tour for the fake documentary and if the reports are true, that would have to be awkward. The Sun reported the story of the Charlyne Yi & Michael Cera split, but we haven’t actually heard any confirmation. One source apparently said:

“Charlyne is beyond sad. And the break-up is so much harder because she’ll have to see him on tour.”

If this is true I would like to give the almost 22 year old a piece of my mind! Here he has had a great down to earth girlfriend (and an older woman at that) and he is going to throw it away to try the Hollywood dating thing. Has he not learned anything from his elder actors? Most of the celebrity relationships don’t last long and we know cheating is popular!

But hey, his fame is rising and he must know what he is doing and “itching to date other people” is okay. With his movies doing very well, he is in the makes to be a superstar and his newest movie has high hopes and it opens in August.

I am sure very soon we will get confirmation or denial of the Charlyne YI, Michael Cera break up. What do you think; are they really apart and do you see his point? Make sure to leave me your comments and take a peek at these photos and video.

Charlyne Yi  1 Michael Cera  2 Charlyne Yi  2 Michael Cera  3 Charlyne Yi  3 Michael Cera  4

Photos:, Nikki Nelson, Adriana M. Barraza, HRC, I.Kavanaugh

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4 Responses to “Charlyne Yi: Michael Cera’s Ex-Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    whoisainz Says:

    hes gonna leave charlyne to find someone else, bet soon when he found another girl, that girl is gonna leave him just like how he left charlyne. we all know karma is a bitch right ?

  2. 2
    dodobird Says:

    Gullible idiot. It was a SCRIPT. The movie was a MOCKUMENTARY.

  3. 3
    NIKI MARX Says:

    I take him he is a cute looking guy kind of like a nerd, I like him .

    He seems so sweet.

  4. 4
    Lily Says:

    So are they together on not any more