Joslyn James’ Sexual Harassment Claims

June 2, 2010

Tiger Woods’s alleged mistress has once again something to say that has put her in the spotlight, now she is claiming she was an alleged victim of sexual harassment. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out Joslyn James photos and video below.

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Joslyn James is one of Tiger Woods alleged mistresses that received a little too much attention when she revealed Tiger’s racy text messages, and so it seems she is in the news again.

Here is some info – not only does she allegedly want to immortalize her affair with the famous golfer with her porn film the Eleventh Hole but she is still trying to stay in the media. Remember when she was at a photoshoot and she tweeted some revealing pictures? She also turned to the law and by that I mean she hired Gloria Allred.

Some of the first times we heard about Joslyn and Attorney Allred was when she demanded an apology from Tiger after his press conference, then when she was upset about the themed golf balls and so on, but when it comes to her claims it gets a bit intense.

Joslyn James’ first claim was made in May when she said that she was victim of stripper discrimination at a hotel that canceled her room reservation. The cause? First we heard something about Tiger allegedly being responsible for getting her kicked out of the hotel, but then the real cause was that the hotel thought that the media attention she drew might disturb the other guests.

And now her first claim of this month, she said while she was at a strip joint in Las Vegas this weekend as part of strip tour (never heard of such a thing as this) the event promoter Jerry JD Stevenson, didn’t pay the amount of money they agreed on, and when she asked about the rest, he allegedly told her to have sex with him, but she turned him down. These are some of the things the alleged sexual harassment victim said.

"Please do not touch me. Back away. Please back away."

When Stevenson was asked about her sexual harassment claims, he said:

"Wow… No, she was the one who got turned down and I have four witnesses to prove that, Joslyn went crazy and got mad because I turned her down and gave my attention to someone else,"


Some of his alleged witnesses are quite interesting, get this, another porn star, the roadie, the limo driver and a Tiger Woods lookalike, who will back up his statement.

So what would she turn to to defend her? Her famous text messages, which she said she has.


Joslyn James pictureJoslyn Jams photo

Mr. Blue.

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