Watch Shocking Video: Goalie breaks leg during Game (Photos)

June 1, 2010

Watch this gruesome video when New England Revolution’s goalie Preston Burpo breaks his leg during a game, really shocking!! Plus check out some of this photos too.

Soccer Goalie

On Saturday May 29th, 2010 was the day that the New York Bulls were playing against the New England Revolution, little did they know that one of the most shocking injuries was about to happen, leaving a shocking image on every player and fan, what exactly happened?

The NE Revolution were winning the match 2-1 against the Red Bulls, at Gillette Stadium. Their goalie Preston Burpo was giving one of his performances with his new club (he debuted with NE on January, 2010), but his night was not going to end well. Just in the last minutes of the quarter of the game he was getting ready to block a Red Bull who kicked his leg, causing it to break, but it was not as easy as it sounds, Preston’s fibula and tibia was fractured in the most horrible way. He could be facing the end of his career, just like the way Canadian quarterback Joe Theismann did in 1985. He suffered the same kind of fracture Pres had, it was so shocking that even the NFL selected it as the Most Shocking Moment in History, he was forced to retire at 36 years old.

Let’s hope that Burpo has a better chance to recover, he was immediately taken to the hospital while his team won the game 3-2 over New York, which might be considered a costly victory for many. It was a difficult one for the players as they tried to focus on winning after watching that horrific fracture.

Preston went into surgery the next day, the estimated period of time for his recovery is six months, Matt Reis will replace him and will be the team’s goalie at their game against Seattle this weekend.

No doubt that this is one the most shocking videos of the year in sports so far If by chance you got to see this fracture in a picture you probably thought that is was the result of photoshop, but to see it on video is a totally different thing. We really hope he has a full recovery soon!!

Take a look at the photos and video below.

Preston Burpo’s Shocking Video

Most Shocking Video in 1985

Photos: David Mepham

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