Danica Patrick: Indy 500 5th Place Finish (Video)

May 30, 2010

America’s racing sweetheart Danica Patrick finished 5th at the 2010 Indy 500, would you like to know how it went for her? Keep reading to know this full story plus check out Danica Patrick’s photos and video below.

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Danica Patrick raced with the Andretti Green racing team, hoping that at least history repeats itself when she finished third at the 93th Indianapolis 500 or even better to win the first place, but sadly for Danica that didn’t happen.

Patrick has been competing at the Indy 500 races since 2005 winning the Rookie of the Year title that same year and finished 12th in 2006. In 2007 she signed with Andretti and finish seventh, sixth in 2008 and third last year, finishing with her fifth place in 2010.

For Danica this was not an easy race, she was still experiencing the fans’ pressure and her team’s anger when she blamed her team for getting her 23rd position. After that episode fans were wondering if she was really ready for the Indy 500 challenge. She also complained about her number 7 Dallara Honda and her feelings were visible on the race track, she was going pretty fast and kept her between the 12th and 13th position, but she remained calm and that was what helped in her final result.

Her 23rd position in the 8th row was followed by Indy’s rookies Swiss Simona De Silvestro in the 22nd position and Belgium Bertrand Baguette in the 24th. Patrick’s qualifying speed was 224.217 mph and certainly her sixth place took everyone by surprise, I mean 23rd position is not quite optimal. Her sixth position was preceded by Scott Dixon in fifth, Alex Lloyd in fourth, Marco Andretti in third, Dan Wheldon second and the great Indy 500 winner was Dario Franchitti.

Danica was among the other four female beauties that were adding a sexy touch to Indiana, U.S Sarah Fisher, Brazilian Bia Figueiredo and Simona De Silvestre, but don’t get mistaken by their looks, these ladies were ready to take it all. Maybe Danica Patrick finished in the fifth place at the Indy 500, but she proved to everybody what a great driver she is. Take a look at Danica Patrick’s photos and video below.

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Danica Patrick Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Sarah Mayes, Judy Eddy, Charles iris, Jeff Daly

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